Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mountain High

Golden Hills Yellow Mountains

I was recently at an art workshop. The class was in experimental art. The main thrust was non-objective work. Of course my best work turned out to be objective. So I am posting three mountain-scapes for you to view.
The long one is 10" by 30" and the second is 10" by 10" and the third is 8" by 10"
They are all done on archival quality art illustration board. I had a difficult time getting good photos of them. I do apologize for the photo quality.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Land of Fire

Land of Fire
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
This is actually just a start of a painting. I started it last night and did several layers of transparent acrylics. I intended to paint a second in a series similar to "Forbidden Crossing"

That didn't happen. As I was painting the muse led me in a different direction. I suppose I could still do something like "Forbidden Crossing" from this, but I won't. Rather I plan to refine this painting and start yet another painting with the intention of making a series following the colors and format of "Forbidden Crossing"