Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vase Reimagined

Vase Reimagined
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A friend has moved into a new home and is working on decorating. For the family reunion I did a quick "Changing Rooms" fix for a vase from a plastic bottle. Now we want something a bit more permanent and interesting.

I went shopping and couldn't afford many of the things that made me go "Oooh Pretty!"
So I decided to go the DIY route again; heck it is my special gift. I ran into the dollar store (or looney store as our Canadian friends might call it) and got a plain glass vase. Yep...rather boring. I brought it home and spray painted it gold. Too gaudy. I added some black to tone it down. Too "I made this in Vacation Bible School" I sprayed on some red. Better, but I still wasn't happy.
I took it into my studio and started painting on it like it was one of my less structured works. NOW I was getting somewhere. I added some glazes of color and some bits of gesso.

Okay, I love it. But then I didn't quit until I was happy, so of course I love it. I hope the friend likes it. ***fingers crossed***

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the Gloaming

In the Gloaming
Originally uploaded by Gene Black
I was going thru some things and found an old painting that I was never happy with. So I took some gesso and reclaimed the area that is now the "picture" part of the painting- i.e. where the house and trees are. The upper edge was only glazed over with one color. The lower half has some bits added but is largely unchanged also. Amazingly the entire mood has changed. I wish the photo did this piece justice. (fyi- I replaced the original picture with a better one.) Due to some glossy bits used in texturing I could not get a great photo of it. Just be assured -it is better in person.

This painting is an abstract landscape painted using textures, transparent layers and a hand carved stamp.
I like the mysterious peacefulness of this painting.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

When Nature Sings

I have been working a lot in layered transparent acrylic. When I get to the final layers I can use opaque or semi opaque paints. (that lovely cobalt teal is semi-opaque) I used a lot of texturing methods in this piece. I am pretty sure that I really like it.

Here is another one that is just started. I am hoping to keep it soft and dreamy. Otherwise, I will have to change the name. Do you have suggestions on this one?