Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sharing a Start

Wow, it has been over a month since I posted a new blog entry. Yes it is the "busy" time of year known as "the holiday season" So in the spirit of giving, my original art mentor and dear friend, Gloria Ivy, and I decided to swap. We each made a painting "start" and swapped. I see that look in a few eyes. You ask, "what is a start?" I am so glad you asked.
A start is made by taking the white watercolor paper and doing something to it. A start can be colors put on paper, textures applied, whatever, anything that says, "Now make something of me."

For this start, Gloria painted the entire sheet with black gesso. Then she took white gesso and made texture on the sheet. Notice the great variations in shading. Mmmmm....

Now it is my turn. I have barely begun, but here is my first addition to the start. From black and white to vivid.


I used a triad of primary colors. My intent (and you know that can change) is to use only those three colors along with black and white to mix every color I use on this piece. For me that is a real challenge.

I will let you know how it goes. Right now that silly muse is off eating chocolate covered cherries or some such holiday treat. I hope to see her, and you soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mountain High

Golden Hills Yellow Mountains

I was recently at an art workshop. The class was in experimental art. The main thrust was non-objective work. Of course my best work turned out to be objective. So I am posting three mountain-scapes for you to view.
The long one is 10" by 30" and the second is 10" by 10" and the third is 8" by 10"
They are all done on archival quality art illustration board. I had a difficult time getting good photos of them. I do apologize for the photo quality.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Land of Fire

Land of Fire
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
This is actually just a start of a painting. I started it last night and did several layers of transparent acrylics. I intended to paint a second in a series similar to "Forbidden Crossing"

That didn't happen. As I was painting the muse led me in a different direction. I suppose I could still do something like "Forbidden Crossing" from this, but I won't. Rather I plan to refine this painting and start yet another painting with the intention of making a series following the colors and format of "Forbidden Crossing"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forbidden Crossing

Forbidden Crossing
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
Forbidden Crossing is an abstract landscape done in acrylic paints on watercolor paper. There are layers of color and texture to intrigue the viewers eye and imagination.

This painting was a journey of discovery. Many times the color scheme and format changed. The final presentation is both rotated and cropped from the original format. I love the color combinations. I hope you enjoy it also.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spirit of the Mountains

I started with a 15 by 20 inch piece of illustration board. I poured paint on it and scraped through it. I hated it. So I took white gesso and covered the surface. While the gesso was still wet I stamped into it with rubber stamps that I have carved. After that dried, I took some removable self adhesive plastic paper and cut shapes- strips, blocks and one star- which I used as masking. With these in place, the first layer of transparent acrylic paint was put down as a glaze. This dried and some of the masking was moved around (or just removed) and another glaze followed. Between layers of glaze, some symbols were stamped in. After several layers of glazing, the big circle was outlined with paint mixed with gesso. I then filled in part of the circle and placed texturing materials over it.
When it dried and the texturing materials were removed it was too solid a circle. So some alcohol was lightly sprayed on parts and some paint was scrubbed off. The "mountains" in the lower part were painted in and it was left to dry.
I had planned to paint more on this, but for now I like it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two New Ideas


***********Bending Light********************Framed ***************

I have been working on a painting that just never seemed to me to have the certain POP! So I decided perhaps cropping it would help. I found two pieces that feel good to me. I present them here for your viewing pleasure.
Looking at them separately, I am amazed that they came from the same painting. The surprising part is that very little is lost.
Here is the original picture:

Full Sheet prior to cropping

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vase Reimagined

Vase Reimagined
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
A friend has moved into a new home and is working on decorating. For the family reunion I did a quick "Changing Rooms" fix for a vase from a plastic bottle. Now we want something a bit more permanent and interesting.

I went shopping and couldn't afford many of the things that made me go "Oooh Pretty!"
So I decided to go the DIY route again; heck it is my special gift. I ran into the dollar store (or looney store as our Canadian friends might call it) and got a plain glass vase. Yep...rather boring. I brought it home and spray painted it gold. Too gaudy. I added some black to tone it down. Too "I made this in Vacation Bible School" I sprayed on some red. Better, but I still wasn't happy.
I took it into my studio and started painting on it like it was one of my less structured works. NOW I was getting somewhere. I added some glazes of color and some bits of gesso.

Okay, I love it. But then I didn't quit until I was happy, so of course I love it. I hope the friend likes it. ***fingers crossed***

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the Gloaming

In the Gloaming
Originally uploaded by Gene Black
I was going thru some things and found an old painting that I was never happy with. So I took some gesso and reclaimed the area that is now the "picture" part of the painting- i.e. where the house and trees are. The upper edge was only glazed over with one color. The lower half has some bits added but is largely unchanged also. Amazingly the entire mood has changed. I wish the photo did this piece justice. (fyi- I replaced the original picture with a better one.) Due to some glossy bits used in texturing I could not get a great photo of it. Just be assured -it is better in person.

This painting is an abstract landscape painted using textures, transparent layers and a hand carved stamp.
I like the mysterious peacefulness of this painting.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

When Nature Sings

I have been working a lot in layered transparent acrylic. When I get to the final layers I can use opaque or semi opaque paints. (that lovely cobalt teal is semi-opaque) I used a lot of texturing methods in this piece. I am pretty sure that I really like it.

Here is another one that is just started. I am hoping to keep it soft and dreamy. Otherwise, I will have to change the name. Do you have suggestions on this one?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A drawing of Rachel

A drawing of Rachel
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
After taking some wonderful photos of a lovely young lady, I had to draw her. I hope I can translate it into a watercolor of her. My drawing doesn't do her lovely face justice but like any muse, she inspired me.

Find a muse and get inspired.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video blog #1

This is a new idea for me. I "borrowed" the idea from another blog elsewhere.

Take a tour of my home and work area. See art in progress. Make witty comments.

This is my first video blog attempt. Hopefully I will be more organized for my next video blog. However, this is the way my work area normally looks. A creative organized mess.

The "not a painting" is a canvas that I put leftover paint on and later it will become a painting. I will not be facing a blank canvas. It can be great fun and a good challenge to paint on one of these.

Monday, May 14, 2007

On my easel- finished or not?

I have several works that are in progress on my easel. I am thinking that maybe one or two may be finished. I need your opinions and ideas.


Door to Phantasie


Please chime in with your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Tonight I have been a jewelry making fool. The Pedaling Art Show has me listed on the website and in addition to my paintings they listed my jewelry. Ha. Inventory was low- too low for a show that draws a mega crowd.

So I spent a few hours taking my one of a kind polymer clay designed beads and pendants and did a stringing event. My eyes are pretty crossed right now. Some of those findings are tiny. But the finished products look oh so good. The ones that required glue are still drying. There is much more to do tomorrow night, but for now I need to rest. I doubt that I will bet any pictures posted this week. And if I am fortunate, there will be little left to take photos of after the show. This is going to be a busy, busy week for me.
Peace ya'll

Pedaling Art Show (and an auction)

I will be participating this weekend in the Pedaling Art Show as a part of the Noble Street Festival in Anniston, Alabama.

This year I will have at least a few pieces of my jewelry on sale as well as some notecards that are printed with my art. Of course I will have some original paintings for sale, like "The Fishes" and "Herewith" below in my blog. I have some more 5" by 7" paintings that I have "almost finished" that will be going also.

Send good vibes, or say a prayer (or whatever you do) that I will have a good day with sales. (and that the rain doesn't happen when it will damage my stuff)

I almost forgot that Friday night is the Visual Arts Society Gala and Auction. I have donated a painting (called Vivid Landscape in this blog-later renamed to Music of the Mountains)
I am hoping it will sell well and bring lots of $$$ to fund scholarships thru the society.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black.
I have been painting some 5x7 inch pieces for an upcoming show. This venue is good for selling smaller pieces.

I did several small "starts" and was trying to decide which I could do something with. This one was very bland....just the purple at the top and the yellow lower section. Yep nice complimentary colors but just boring. I used it to blot another piece I was working on. WOW, the blue that blotted up made it spring to life. I laid it aside....still not sure what to do with it. Tonight I saw "the moon" in the purple sky. It was there yesterday in the piece but I couldn't see it then. (Or did my fairy godmuse put it there for me?)

I lightened the moon and gave it a bit more form. I added some lights and darks to the yellow and bits of toned down white into the blues. Now it is a land of mystery to me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Fishes -Watercolor

The Fishes -Watercolor
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black.
This is my attempt at painting goldfish/Koi in watercolor. I used a saturated wet technique. Then I lifted out the fish shapes and then enhanced them. This outcome was a pleasant surprise for me.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Flowers Rejoice...

The Flowers Rejoice
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black.
because Spring has arrived. Watercolor painting - 6 by 5 inches. Painted wet-in-wet, loose and joyous

Monday, March 19, 2007

Vivid Landscape

Vivid Landscape
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black.
This is my latest work. I used a loose ink pouring technique for everything except the sky. The sky was painted with watercolor to achieve a softer feel in that area.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Paradise Road

Here is a picture of a painting I recently finished. (I use finished loosely, I may paint on it some more)
Tell me if you think it is any good...etc.
It is roughly 15"by 21" and is watercolor.
Paradise Road

Monday, January 22, 2007

Abstract Photo

This is a photo that I took of some roots and debris. I digitally altered it to push and pull the colors.  I am thinking that maybe I will use it as an idea for a painting.

Roots and debris Abstract