Quilt ¿Rules?

Are there "rules" for quilting?  (or is quilting a metaphor for life?)
I told a friend how *I* do a particular type of quilt.  She changed her plans.  That set me to thinking about rules.  I have rules that I play by for my style.  I can change them if it will make me happy.

But, when I am confronted with what I call "longstanding rules" for quilting, I always question them.

If you are following a pattern and wish to have your quilt come out like the pattern - then you  really do have to follow the pattern maker's rules.  But there is no rule that you can't change it to make yourself happy.  It is your fabric, your time, and ultimately your quilt to do with as you wish.

If you are a rule follower and wish to remain so, that is great. It is your choice.  But let me present some thoughts for your consideration.

Following rules was learned early in life -
    But that was necessary because we didn't have full reasoning skills yet and we had not learned about consequences.

Following rules is safe -
   But exploration may lead to a discovery that is revolutionary - even if only to you.

Following rules may save some materials (fabric, thread etc.) -
  But bending or breaking some rules may set you apart as an artist or an innovator.

Following rules can feel confining -
   Making your own rules is empowering.

If you aren't hurting anyone and you won't be arrested for it*  - why not try???
*aren't breaking any real laws.

I am reminded of watching Ricky Tims Caveman Quilting.  He didn't use a quarter inch seam - but sometimes more, often a bit less.  As long as there is enough to hold the quilt together it will be okay.  He ironed  not pressed the fabric into submission.  His quilt was beautiful.
   I saw this early in my quilting journey and sometimes I assume everyone knows it.  What I learned was this: There are rules that simply keep you from repeating someone else's mistakes.  But there are also rules that can be broken without ruining your quilt.

Wow, it is a lot like life, isn't it?  As long as we are kind to others, we can live wild and free.

You can Rule your Quilt.