Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Making jewelry - a new endeavour

Since making the star ornaments as Christmas presents, I have been working with sculpted design in polymer clay. I found that it lends itself beautifully to jewelry design.
I have made several pendants that have my original designs impressed into them. I have developed some techniques on my own for this branching off from ideas that I have read in books and/or online.

Here are some samples:
Black and gold Pendant

Textured Cross

Black and Silver Pendant

Bronzed pendant

The one above "Bronzed Pendant" is for sale at ArtBoost

Gold and  Black Pendant

Monday, December 18, 2006

Making it!

Gifts should be from the heart and in that mode, I have chosen to make everything I give at work this year. I made these star ornaments with polymer clay, beads, wire and acrylic paint.
I think they are a lovely token gift for my co-workers.

Star Ornaments

I hope you like them. I highly recommend gifts that you make yourself. Put some love into them and share your artistic side. (Hey, even baking a cake is a creative endeavour.)

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Art of Writing

Writing is not the art form I am most passionate about as a creator. I honestly wish I were a writer. I love a good book. Crafting a story that keeps a person's interest is truly an art.

So...."why is he telling us this?, you say to your monitor.

Let me tell you why. My friend, via the internet, Becky Cochrane has a new book out. The title is "A Coventry Christmas." I started reading it this evening and have only just put it down because I wanted to tell you about it. All I am saying is this: Get it, read it and put some Magic in your Christmas season. I haven't finished it yet, but if it doesn't end well this post will self destruct! I should be finished sometime tomorrow (since tomorrow starts in 15 minutes.) I RARELY stay up this late so obviously the book captured me.

The big mystery is this: Will I go brush my teeth and go to bed? OR Will I brush my teeth and take the book and finish it before I go to sleep. If my eyelids don't snap shut, I will most likely finish the book tonite.

(Edited the next morning to add)
I finished the book after telling myself several times that I would put it down at the end of "this chapter." About 1:15 this morning I finished "A Coventry Christmas," sighed a contented sigh, and drifted off to a pleasant sleep. If you love a little romance, a little fun and a lot of good storytelling get this book. It will be great to read after the festivities die down and you need something to relax you.

Thanks Becky for a lovely story. I really enjoyed the ride.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blues --- A new painting

I have been working on a new painting for several days/nights--in whatever spare time I have to paint. It is a full sheet of watercolor paper, (22 by 30 inches in case you didn't know)but I am thinking that a crop could improve the painting. I would love some opinions.
You can click on them to see them on the Flickr site.
Here is the full sheet (there is a slight glare on the upper right)
Blues-in the Night

and this is the crop I am considering

Alternative Blues

So...let the opinions roll. Should I leave it full sheet? Should I crop it? (Should I just paint over it altogether?)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gallery Opening- The event

The Gallery opened last night and was very interesting and fun. I have posted the pics on my Flickr stream in a set. I am trying to find the Flickr toy that lets me make a collage of them. Meantime you can go to my Flickr account and see the set.

I left before the opening was over as it was a LONG drive home. I was very tired. I hope sales were good.

Okay I did my own collage. Click on it to go to my Flickr Photo Stream

Gallery Collage

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Opening Tonight

Tonight is the opening of Rosetta Stone Gallery in Florence, Alabama. I have ten pieces that should be on display. I am excited about the opening and I am hoping for both the gallery to be sucessful and for my art to sell. Some of the works I have there are things I am very proud to have created.

I will hopefully have pictures of the gallery to post with news of the opening within the next week.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


It is a reality. I have delivered ten paintings to the Rosetta Stone Gallery in Florence, Alabama. We went yesterday to deliver them and saw the gallery for the first time. The inside walls are old (really old) brick. The gallery is installing a hanging system rather than risk damaging the brick or having it crumble and damage the art. The ceiling is exposed beam that has been painted black. The floors are a scored cement that resembles marble. It looks like a great gallery space.

The owner of the gallery has contacts on the west coast (think Hollywood, LA, etc) and says that they will be some of her major clients. I know that my website has seen an increase in "hits" in the past week. I am hoping that my work is being considered by the rich and famous. Ha ha.

The gallery opening is Friday December 9th. I will be there to represent my work and chat with potential buyers and anyone else who wishes to chat with me.