Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dragon Sculpting

Here is an update on what I have been doing. At the "show and sell" in Guntersville, a customer asked about the polymer clay. "Can you make other things out of this?" he said. I , boldly and perhaps foolishly, replied, "Sure, anything that will fit in the oven." He the asked me to make a dragon figurine for his wife, who collects dragons. My carefully weighted answer was " I will try, but I won't be able to get it done before Christmas." Yeah, I was thinking that I didn't know if I could make a DRAGON. I make jewelry, I paint, I sew, but I am not a sculptor -- or am I?
I looked on line and never found the tutorial on making a dragon that I am SURE I saw one day.
SO, I did what I typically do anyway. I took what I found and "gene-ified" it. Here is the dragon for better or worse.

I confess that after I painted the final layers and all the irridescent paints dried, I think it is pretty cool.

Dragon Left 2
Dragon Back

Added information
I am sure many people are curious about the dimensions. Several co-workers saw the picture and asked about dimensions. So I am adding this to the post:
From the tip of his nose to the farthest back part of his tail is approximately 8 inches. The highest point (scale on top of his head) is just under 3.5 inches. Wingspan is approximately 6 inches.and the widest side-to-side measurement is approximately 8 inches.

And for those of you that got stuck on "farthest" - it is the correct superlative. I had to look it up.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Goodness

I got a picture in email from a friend. Now I confess that I love chocolate, and I love cinnamon (and other) sweet rolls. But How about this? Dark Chocolate rolls with dark chocolate chips on top! Sounds sinful doesn't it? Have an eyefull.

Ah the delights of the holidays. I hope at least one of the three pans of them is for ME. Ha ha.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanna see a "Card Trick" ?

Card Trick
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
A darling friend rought me a present from her travels. She had gone "home" to visit family. Of course, as all good quilters do, she went to the quilt store in the area. She brought me back this lovely kit. It is made by Quilt Magic

The basic idea is this: a foamboard square has laser cut lines into which you tuck fabric. They come in quilt square designs as well as other designs. It was a fun afternoon "goof off" project.

These would be great for any youngster from 8 to 98. There is no sewing and you use a dull knife to tuck in the fabric. But the result is a great wall hanging.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giveaway - LINK -Polymer Clay book

A friend of mine, Chris, is hosting a giveaway. She has a book, "Polymer Clay for the Fun of It" that she is giving away. You can find it on her blog . Go and enter, this will be a great prize for anyone who just loves the creative process.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party Doll

Party Doll
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
Shopping for toys is difficult during the Christmas season - I certainly don't want to go there. People will run over you. So, on the occasion of my great-niece's first birthday, I made this fun, silly, cute, simple little rag doll for her. I found the basic design online. I changed it. (come on now, are you really surprised?) Best of all I had help. Her other "uncle", Dave, stuffed the arms, and legs, then stuffed the body and head. I did the sewing and painted the face.

I used a black corded velveteen for the back of her head - Ha! no hair to sew on with that. Then I just painted the seam and around her face with some black "hair" with curls on the ends.

I hope she makes a little girl very happy. I know that little girl makes me very happy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Win an art book

Hey, I had to let you know that Susan Tuttle is giving away a copy of her book, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations. You can find it on Amazon right here

You can read about the contest HERE But please don't enter! I want to win this one.

Oh okay, fine go on and enter. Just remember, I really want to win this!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Week has Passed

Goodness me! A week has passed since I posted here. My show, Saturday the 6th, was a success. I had good sales. All the fabric birds went to new homes. That's right, every last one of them is gone. I will have to make a few more for my work Christmas tree.
I sold some jewelry, some purses, some quilted journals and some notecards. I did not sell a single painting though. With the strain on the economy, I was pleased to sell as much as I did. I have profit. Profit is good, I can continue my fabric obsession! Ha ha.

Just because I had such a great time, I must tell you about this afternoon. I was gifted with a pair of tickets to see the musical "Annie" at The Whole Backstage Theatre in Guntersville, Alabama. The show was wonderful. I had my doubts about anyone playing Miss Hannigan. Carol Burnett defined Miss Hannigan in the movie, so I was sure anyone else would be a disappointment. WRONG! The actress that portrayed Miss Hannigan was excellent. The part of Molly, the youngest girl in the orphanage, was played by a six year old. She is small in stature for her age. She is HUGE in acting skill, not to mention being a seemingly fearless performer.

I could go on and on about every cast member. I know that much hard work and preparation went into this performance. The group claims to be "amateur" but I saw a professional polished show. Did I mention that I had a great time? If any member of the cast happens to read this let me say "Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and a memory that I will carry for some time."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flying Earth

Flying Earth
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
I imported fabrics and made a new design. I have to play with those new fabrics, don't ya know?

The fabrics are from They are from the "Jacobean Garden" collection.

This is a lovely quilt that would be excellent for a man or boy's bed. However, a woman could love it too.
The blocks are simple to construct. If you want a copy of the EQ5 file just ask. Free right now, but one day I may start selling patterns.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. readers. And have a Happy Day to all those in other countries.

I am off for a lovely four days starting today. I suspect I will play with designing Quilts on the computer. Like this one I did last night.
Follow the Yellow

I also need to import my fabric files. Oh, and download a few more. If I were at home, I would photo some of my stash and import that - very handy - the I could actually MAKE the quilt as pictured. Ha ha.
If you want this pattern in EQ-5, let me know. I will email the file to you.

Edited to add:
ARRGH-blogger cut off my picture-I hope I have it fixed now. I wanted to post the BIG picture of it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bracelet Display

Bracelet DisplayI have been busy still working on jewelry and other items for the upcoming sale. While at the hardware store, I saw 2 foot pieces of PVC pipe. is almost the same size as an arm. Near it were 90 degree elbows. I grabbed a pipe and two elbows, put them together and sat it on a counter. Wow! I could envision it covered in black fabric. It would make a great display for bracelets.
Tonite I took the fabric and made the covering. (Okay, I confess I was glad there were no children or other delicate ears in the house -I may have said some not-so-nice words to that fabric and pipe.) However, I got it made and it doesn't look half bad.

I placed a number of bracelets on it and decided to have a photo shoot. Here ya go.
More pictures:



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Nearest Book

There is something going around the internet, though I haven't seen it on a quilt blog yet. It's a "nearest book" game whose rules are:

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open it to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

From "Practicing Resurrection" by Nora Gallagher
"I asked Dickie how long he'd be willing to stay, how late Kit might be cremated, if I got a signature."

I feel compelled to say that just prior to this her brother had passed away from cancer. The local doctor refused to sign a death certificate since he was not Kit's doctor.

This book was close by since I have been reading it on my lunch breaks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Special Thanks

I have been VERY remiss. A while back I won some lovely Placemats and napkins from Marlene aka Stitchin By the Lake
What a lovely surprise when I got them in the mail. I neglected to say thanks right here on my own blog. I am saying it now. Thanks Marlene, I love them.

Fast Forward. Last night I got another package. This one was from Andrea aka Welsh Quilter. I got an adorable pincushion (it is BLUE!) and three fat quarters. I should mention, color coordinated and pattern coordinated too. Thank you so much Andrea. I have pins in the pincushion already.

I am so lucky to have such great blogs to read. I am even luckier to have won such great prizes, made with love and sent with joy. Sometime soon I will have to find an excuse to have my own giveaway.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of my other hobbies

Some of you may know that I am getting ready for a "show and sale" in early December. I have been making loads of purses, blank books with quilted covers and fabric birds. But I have to confess that I am working on yet another of my hobbies. But first let me tell you how this one began.....
A couple of years ago, I got some polymer clay to make a stamp to use in my artwork. I got distracted and never got that stamp made which was okay because I learned how to carve rubber stamps. (a story of another day!) The polymer clay laid there unused. One day I got the package, opened it and began playing with it.

"Hey, this is fun to work with." I thought to myself. Then I remember that I got it to make stamps. A little light went off and I said, "I could stamp right into the clay" And I did. I made myself a clay pendant that has impressions from some of the rubber stamps I carved. "Oh My! now I am making jewelry" I made some more for Christmas presents and before I knew it , I was making clay beads to sell. I love the ways I can combine colors of clay and create rich interesting patterns. (I know, you quilters are thinking that it echoes piecing fabric to make quilt squares. You are so right!)

The great part about the beads is that they are all originals and I never make an identical piece. Heck, I couldn't if I wanted to.
Right now I have two new sets of beads glazed and drying. I have another set cooling prior to being glazed. And in the next couple of nights I will get to make them into some more lovely artsy bracelets.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lesson Learned

I am on an extended weekend. I get Tuesday off for Veterans Day and I elected to take Monday off making it a 4 day weekend. I came to my Dave's house for the duration. Well, I had moved my older (cheaper) machine to his house so I wouldn't have to bring my new machine with me. Ha. Here is the lesson:

Once you have a nice machine to work on, the older machine seems very inadequate AND you can't work as fast. I sewed 6 birds and a couple of scrappy blocks yesterday. I spent so much time cutting thread (the new machine has a one button thread cutter) and turning the wheel to raise the needle (new machine has a button for that too) That I felt it took way too long. NEXT Time I will just pack up my new baby and bring him with me.

What? I call my machine HIM and you wonder why? Simple it is a BROTHER. Thus it must be a male. LOL. How do you desinate your machine? Male of Female? Did you give it a name? I haven't really named my little Brother just yet. Maybe his name is Brother, after all, I am southern. LOL.
Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quilt Design

I have been playing with designing my own block and quilt. Here is what I came up with. I will have to really decide on fabric, for this I was going for contrast.
I did find out that different layouts of the blocks can really make it a different quilt.

I am going to Vote

I am up early to go Vote. I want to keep my voice heard. Whoever you support - go vote - our country depends on it.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Tangled Thoughts

Tangled Thoughts
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
Okay, I couldn't resist, I had to blog this painting that I mentioned in the last entry. I intended this to have lots of yellow and be very cheerful and fun. Hmmmm, the muse, or the painting had other ideas. This has been on my easel for weeks in various stages. There are lots of layers of paint but I think I finally brought it to a conclusion.

It certainly has an energy that is draws the viewer in. There are textures you may not be able to see here. Let me know what you think of it. (I reserve the right to delete comments -grin)

Purses and birds

Polka Dot Purse and birds
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
What have I been doing? Well let me tell you what I have been doing in my "spare time"

I am making quilted/pieced purses and fabric birds and I even did a painting. (that picture MAY come later)

I loved this set of dotted strips I got in a jelly roll. Every fabric has dots in it. I chose six (i think) of the strips and made a patchwork. Then I quilted it and made this cute purse. I think it is so bright and springtime feeling that it makes this cool fall weather feel warmer.
Hey and with spring we get birds. So I posed three of my fabric babies with it. The one on the right is at an odd angle, he was being stubborn.

Now I will tell you a secret. I am making some red and blue birds too. After I cut them out, I had some odd sized pieces of red and blue fabric left. I was feeling adventurous so I started sewing them together. I then had a red/blue patched piece. Hmmmmm...OH I KNOW - yep you guessed, another purse.

Red and Blue Purse with birds

And of course I posed a couple more birds with it. I am hoping my table will be full of fun sewn items come December 6th. I am also hoping to sell a lot of this stuff, or else I will have to start an account on Etsy or eBay to sell it all. Ha ha.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fun with Curved piecing

After watching Ricky Tims "Caveman Quilting" I am playing with cutting curves and piecing. It makes some interesting stuff. I used fabric that was gifted to me so I don't feel like I am wasting anything. HA. I think it is going to be very useful.

Re-Imagined Quilt Squares

I took two squares that I didn't really love, stacked them and cut a curved line. Then I mixed them up and pieced them back together. MUCH nicer! The burgundy/ cream square was a backwards swastika - UGH. That was a mistake. I didn't realize it until I had sewn it all together. So chopping it saved the fabric AND made a nice piece.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Purple Passion Purse

Purple Passion Purse
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
This purse is not quilted. It is simply constructed with a fusible fleece and a cotton fabric lining. I loved the purple fabric design and didn't think that quilting or anything else would add to that energy.
It is a simple design with a velcro closure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blue bird

Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
After seeing John's ( Quiltdad ) fabric birdies, I had to download the pattern and give it a try. My little blue bird did not have an eye so I added one with my ever handy Sharpie marker. I am planning to sew on some little black beads for eyes.
If you want to see John's birds and get the link to the pattern, got to ( Quiltdad ) and read the post titled "Tweet"

Thanks John, I will be making more of these.

The links to John's site (Quiltdad) weren't working, but I have fixed them now. Thanks for the heads up, Wanda!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quilted Book Cover - Before Breakfast

Quilted Book Cover
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
Okay, I admit it, I got going and forgot to eat. Do any of you do that?

I bought a few little blank journals just for this project. I simply make a quilted cover for the book and slide the book into it. I used random wavy quilting lines and pieced strips for the cover. The lining and flap covers are all the darker green with floral fabric. This is the second one I made. The first one, made last night, was a tight fit, so I adjusted my measurements slightly for this one. I didn't photograph the first one yet. The reason is that it matches a purse that is still in progress. Woo woo...I am making a set. Ha was sort of accidental but if someone buys both it will make a cute set. Should I make a purse to match this book?

I am editing to add the Purse and Book Combo. Also check the closure detail on the purse. I found this button with a chain and put another button that the chain fastens over. I think it is a cute idea and adds a little zip to the purse.

PurseBook Combo


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Purses

More purses are being made. I am planning to sell them at the Christmas show at church in Guntersville. The two strip purses are named after the materials used. I had pre-cut strips of fabric that I joined to make the exterior and straps. Each of these has two pockets inside.

Tulip Purse
Tulip Purse-Back

The Tulip purse started with a paper pieced Tulip pattern and was built from there. It is a "lunch bag" purse with on big pocket/divider inside. The Back is free-motion quilted to add some extra interest.

Jean-Bandana Purse

The Blue Jean Bandana rag purse is still in progress. It needs a fastener AND it has yet to go thru the wash/dry process to make the fringe all raggy and soft. There is one small pocket in it - right where I want to put the fastener so I am still pondering how to solve that problem. No fears, I will find a clever solution today when I go shopping. (isn't that a great excuse to shop?)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giveaway - LINK

Hey, Pumpkin Patch Primitives is having another giveaway.

In case that link doesn't work copy and paste this to go there and enter. Good luck to you...but I hope I win!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Purse project

Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
A friend asked me to make a purse. This purse will be a present. So I asked a few questions and I am trying to make the purse special for the recipient.
I think she wants it to be somewhat "scrappy" and maybe this will be too structured a design. I actually made up the design on the spur of the moment after looking thru my fabric stash. I meant for the back and front to be nearly identical but somehow I managed to make it mirror image. I really like that idea now...but I know it was just one of those fortuitous "accidents" and If I were trying to do it - Not gonna happen! Ha ha.

I love the vibrant colors of the reds and blues playing together. I have to decide on the sides, back and binding (if I bind it) I will probably quilt it all then sew in a lining with pockets - cause (I hear) a girl needs some organization in a big ole purse.
I am thinking of a tan fabric (maybe a mottled tan) for the sides and binding. What do you think? I could use the red or the blue that make the top and bottom bands - I have plenty of each of those left also.
Piecing this on the new machine was a dream. But I have to admit, the time flew by and I didn't realize it until I stopped. This could be dangerous. Hey, I kinda like a little danger!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's new, it's fun, it is MINE

I got a new baby. For me this is a major investment in sewing. I went to a dealer and bought a Brother NX450Q Quilt Club sewng machine.

I have tried lots of the stitches and am having a GREAT time with it. I have in no way come near to trying everything this machine will do. In the center picture are two black square of fabric that I did some "test" stitches on. No problems there, it sews like a dream. I sewed on some buttons for a friend to try that feature. Excellent job of button attachment I must say. (No hand ewing on buttons for me.)

Features that I love already:
Thread cutter button - it also does automatic reinforcement and thread cutting - I will try that later.

Knee lifter- I just checked to see how it works but when I am paper piecing, I can see that as a real plus.

Lots of decorative stitches including 3 alphabet fonts.

Programmable stitch combinations - flow from one decorative stitich into another and if you find a combo you love you can save it. (I think there are 10 memory slots but I am not sure yet) If I find a combo I love I will probably write it down somewhere too.

Wanna read ALL about it? Go here

I will confess that I don't love the bobbin winding on it....that is okay; I have a Sidewinder. (if you don't know it is a bobbin winder and it is fast and easy) (Shop around if you decide on a Sidewinder, some places have big discount coupons -Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc - and you can get it a lot cheaper. I just used that link to show it to you.

I love my new baby. Color me happy, that is the bottom picture - Me---> HAPPY.

EDIT: I discovered later that same day that I did the bobbin winding incorrectly. Now it winds nice and fast. --But I will still use the sidewinder.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulip Purse

Tulip Purse
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
I took a littlle break from the "Nana's Cross" and started a new project.- another purse. I did a foundation paper pieced tulip square and worked out from there. I love using the batik fabrics. The accent stripe under the tulip square is a nice color kick I think. This is the front and I did "stitch in the ditch" on it. The back will have a large open area that I plan to free motion quilt.

I am trying to get some purses made for a couple of events I plan to sell at this fall. I am starting out behind, but I hope I will have enough stuff to make it worthwhile. I feel confident that I will make it as long as I don't get too fancy on things. I do love to fancy it up when I make something.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nana's Cross Layout

Nana's Cross Layout
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
I realized that I have most of the HST (half square triangles) made. So I thought it was a great time to see how it is going to look. I confess that I duplicated a few of the squares in the photo editor. My original pattern called for the bottom of the cross to be longer, but as I was laying it out I thought that just one more row than I had would be great. So I digitally added a row. It is a shame I can't digitally even it up better. Actually I could but I didn't want to waste the time doing it.

It will be on a white background with a dark blue binding (also added digitally) The borders between the background and the cross will probably be bigger.

I am thinking that I will like this wall hanging when it is finished. Now, how will I quilt it? Nonna doesn't want anything that distracts from the cross.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Half Square triangles -The easy way.

So I got the Thangles home and sat down at **MY** machine, in MY sewing room.. Ahhh....there is no place like home.

Sewn Thangles

I chain pieced four strips of thangles. Each strip makes 6 HST's so that is 24 at one go. The first picture is the sewn strips prior to cutting.

Cutting theThangles

Next you cut them apart and clip the corners. (I confess I messed up a couple, but they are still usable)

Then you have a lovely pile of triangles.

Cut Apart Thangles

Which you take to the Iron and press open. Then you pull the paper off. The paper comes off pretty easily.

Finished HSTs -Thangles

Finally you have a nice stack - or in my case, a scattered pile- of Half Square Triangles. Wow, that was easy!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

HST update

I bought some Thangles to speed up the Half Square Trianges (HSTs) I am not at home so I did one little strip on the old machine here- it makes a total of 8 HSTs. WOW. Fast and easy. Once I set up and chain piece them I will be flying thru those 70 HSTs. Now the 'hard part' is cutting the 2 1/2 inch strips. And I can't use the jelly rolls I already have because I promised to use some batik that she has already seen. Still this is so easy.

Special thanks going out to StitchinByTheLake for the suggestion to get the Thangles. Marlene you are as cool as Idgie Threadgoode in "Fried Green Tomatoes" (ha ha! yes I know it is one of your favorite movies!)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Here are the first HSTs for "Nonna's Cross" wall hanging. They will not be laid out with all these blue ones together. She prefers it to be more random and scrappy looking. These are my first set of half square triangles. Even with needing to trim them down a bit, the fast piecing method I linked in my last post is far faster than doing them individually.

I also promised that pattern didn't I? I would love to hear from you if you decide to play along with me. I am sure some of you will finish yours faster than I do. I would love to see pictures and hear your thoughts as you do this.

Finally, here is the pattern:

Nonnas Cross -pattern

It is just a simple layout. I did a grid with spreadsheet software and colored it in with Sharpie marker. You can click on it to see a larger version on Flickr. Please ignore my penciled in thoughts. Although, that scrawl at the bottom that says "cut" means that I am leaving out that set of HSTs. Feel free to edit for your own use. As I said my squares will be 2 inches finished. So right now they are 2 and a half for that magic seam allowance. (Okay, so I confess, I have some that are 2 inches in the trimmed state - I goofed up. ) If you have never goofed that way - please keep it to yourself ((grin))



My latest project

So, my Nonna (adopted grandmother) is moving to be near her son. She will be moving into an apartment above the wine bar that he and his wife own. For several years she has admired a quilted wall hanging in her minister's home. She did her best to describe it to me, however, we are wingng it. She did tell me that it is cross made up of half square triangles. I decided to draw up some "patterns" and let her choose the one she likes best. The really good news is that she chose the one I like best also. I have started quick-piecing some HSTs using a method I found online. It works well but they are not coming out exact in size so I am having to trim them. C'est la vie! I will post pictures of the HSTs and the pattern later. And when I do, you are more than welcome to play along and make one for yourself or a loved one. The background for the cross will be white and the backing and binding will be navy blue. In my pattern the darks are represented by blue and the lights by white. HOWEVER, the darks will be various colors (even though I started with blue as you will see) and the lights will be batiks and light fabrics with small patterns. There are 70 HST units in my pattern. (just in case you want to start making them in advance of seeing the pattern.
More later

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Purse - A gift given

The purse I have been blogging about was given to my dear friend, coworker and one time supervisor, today. She loved it and was so appreciative.

When she opened it she looked happy. Then she looked inside and found the tag. "You made this?!?!" Her mother was there at the retirement tea also. "Mama, look he made this for me." Wow, htat really made me feel good. Then several ladies took it and checked it out.

They liked it also. I may have to make more purses.

After she finished opening her gifts, her sister took this picture of us. Look at that smile on her face. Definitely worth the work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Finished Purse

The Finished Purse
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
The purse is finished and I am actually happy with it. While there are mistakes in it, there was a lot of learning and improvement in my sewing. This is my first successful go at free-motion quilting. It was also the first time I did piecing from a pattern. (my typical is strip piecing)
I didn't take a picture of the back but it is just like the front without the button closure.
I love the colors and general design. I adore the button and loop closure. I had seen it on an item but never seen it done. It was easy and looks nice. I did some embroidery stitching on the straps/handles. I used red thread in the bobbin and gold on top of each strap. I think it is a nice touch. And I did remember to put a label inside. Eat your heart out Vera Bradley!

Most importantly, I met my deadline.

Inside with label
Strap/Handle detail
Close up of the front.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Quilted Purse: under construction

I am making a quilted purse as a present. It is a suprise so I can't mention many details in this public space. I will say that I see that this picture is "wonky" beause the purse front is nice and straight. The band is even too. But I am tired and not willing to re-take the picture. I think this will be a nice purse when I am finished. Oh yes, those faint white lines in the dark sections -don't worry that is chalk and it will wash right out.

The lower black section is heavily quilted. I decided to use red thread to carry the color thru and make it a bit more interesting. If you click on the photo, you will go to my Flickr site. Once there you can see a detail shot of the quilting. I am doing free-motion quilting. Since I have a deadline, this is a VERY brave thing for me to attempt.

So far, so good. I wil keep you posted.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amanda Quilt

Amanda Quilt
Originally uploaded by GeneBlack
I delivered the quilt to my niece. I completely forgot to take a picture of her with the quilt. I was gonig to call her today and ask her to take a picture and send it to me.

This picture was a lovely surprise in my inbox this morning. Her note said "I love my quilt"

That has made my day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Finished Quilt

Quilt Other Side

I finally finished the quilt and got pictures made. I put it on the fence to make the picture but of course part of it is hanging off the back side. So, I flipped it end for end and the second photo has the other edge at the bottom.
For this quilt, I had to hurry a finish so I tied it rather than quilting it by machine or hand. The ties are at four inch intervals This made it easier since the nine patch blocks are made of four inch sub-blocks. The blocks are 12 inches square. With the top and bottom sashing (made from sets of jelly roll strips,) this quilt covers the top of a queen size mattress perfectly. I used the backing as a self-binding to save time AND because it made the quilt pop. Nothing in my stash looked as good for the binding as the backing. I love this quilt and will hate to let it go. But I made it for a very special person, so off it will go.

Now I get to decide on a new project. My mind is reeling with ideas.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another cool Giveaway

The Old Red Barn Co is giving away a lovely quilt made with fabric designed by Sandi Patterson for Michael Miller fabrics. I have this in the sidebar but just wanted to make sure you see it. Enter, and if you win let me know.

Win a quilt at