Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulip Purse

Tulip Purse
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I took a littlle break from the "Nana's Cross" and started a new project.- another purse. I did a foundation paper pieced tulip square and worked out from there. I love using the batik fabrics. The accent stripe under the tulip square is a nice color kick I think. This is the front and I did "stitch in the ditch" on it. The back will have a large open area that I plan to free motion quilt.

I am trying to get some purses made for a couple of events I plan to sell at this fall. I am starting out behind, but I hope I will have enough stuff to make it worthwhile. I feel confident that I will make it as long as I don't get too fancy on things. I do love to fancy it up when I make something.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nana's Cross Layout

Nana's Cross Layout
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I realized that I have most of the HST (half square triangles) made. So I thought it was a great time to see how it is going to look. I confess that I duplicated a few of the squares in the photo editor. My original pattern called for the bottom of the cross to be longer, but as I was laying it out I thought that just one more row than I had would be great. So I digitally added a row. It is a shame I can't digitally even it up better. Actually I could but I didn't want to waste the time doing it.

It will be on a white background with a dark blue binding (also added digitally) The borders between the background and the cross will probably be bigger.

I am thinking that I will like this wall hanging when it is finished. Now, how will I quilt it? Nonna doesn't want anything that distracts from the cross.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Half Square triangles -The easy way.

So I got the Thangles home and sat down at **MY** machine, in MY sewing room.. Ahhh....there is no place like home.

Sewn Thangles

I chain pieced four strips of thangles. Each strip makes 6 HST's so that is 24 at one go. The first picture is the sewn strips prior to cutting.

Cutting theThangles

Next you cut them apart and clip the corners. (I confess I messed up a couple, but they are still usable)

Then you have a lovely pile of triangles.

Cut Apart Thangles

Which you take to the Iron and press open. Then you pull the paper off. The paper comes off pretty easily.

Finished HSTs -Thangles

Finally you have a nice stack - or in my case, a scattered pile- of Half Square Triangles. Wow, that was easy!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

HST update

I bought some Thangles to speed up the Half Square Trianges (HSTs) I am not at home so I did one little strip on the old machine here- it makes a total of 8 HSTs. WOW. Fast and easy. Once I set up and chain piece them I will be flying thru those 70 HSTs. Now the 'hard part' is cutting the 2 1/2 inch strips. And I can't use the jelly rolls I already have because I promised to use some batik that she has already seen. Still this is so easy.

Special thanks going out to StitchinByTheLake for the suggestion to get the Thangles. Marlene you are as cool as Idgie Threadgoode in "Fried Green Tomatoes" (ha ha! yes I know it is one of your favorite movies!)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Here are the first HSTs for "Nonna's Cross" wall hanging. They will not be laid out with all these blue ones together. She prefers it to be more random and scrappy looking. These are my first set of half square triangles. Even with needing to trim them down a bit, the fast piecing method I linked in my last post is far faster than doing them individually.

I also promised that pattern didn't I? I would love to hear from you if you decide to play along with me. I am sure some of you will finish yours faster than I do. I would love to see pictures and hear your thoughts as you do this.

Finally, here is the pattern:

Nonnas Cross -pattern

It is just a simple layout. I did a grid with spreadsheet software and colored it in with Sharpie marker. You can click on it to see a larger version on Flickr. Please ignore my penciled in thoughts. Although, that scrawl at the bottom that says "cut" means that I am leaving out that set of HSTs. Feel free to edit for your own use. As I said my squares will be 2 inches finished. So right now they are 2 and a half for that magic seam allowance. (Okay, so I confess, I have some that are 2 inches in the trimmed state - I goofed up. ) If you have never goofed that way - please keep it to yourself ((grin))



My latest project

So, my Nonna (adopted grandmother) is moving to be near her son. She will be moving into an apartment above the wine bar that he and his wife own. For several years she has admired a quilted wall hanging in her minister's home. She did her best to describe it to me, however, we are wingng it. She did tell me that it is cross made up of half square triangles. I decided to draw up some "patterns" and let her choose the one she likes best. The really good news is that she chose the one I like best also. I have started quick-piecing some HSTs using a method I found online. It works well but they are not coming out exact in size so I am having to trim them. C'est la vie! I will post pictures of the HSTs and the pattern later. And when I do, you are more than welcome to play along and make one for yourself or a loved one. The background for the cross will be white and the backing and binding will be navy blue. In my pattern the darks are represented by blue and the lights by white. HOWEVER, the darks will be various colors (even though I started with blue as you will see) and the lights will be batiks and light fabrics with small patterns. There are 70 HST units in my pattern. (just in case you want to start making them in advance of seeing the pattern.
More later