Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forbidden Crossing

Forbidden Crossing
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
Forbidden Crossing is an abstract landscape done in acrylic paints on watercolor paper. There are layers of color and texture to intrigue the viewers eye and imagination.

This painting was a journey of discovery. Many times the color scheme and format changed. The final presentation is both rotated and cropped from the original format. I love the color combinations. I hope you enjoy it also.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spirit of the Mountains

I started with a 15 by 20 inch piece of illustration board. I poured paint on it and scraped through it. I hated it. So I took white gesso and covered the surface. While the gesso was still wet I stamped into it with rubber stamps that I have carved. After that dried, I took some removable self adhesive plastic paper and cut shapes- strips, blocks and one star- which I used as masking. With these in place, the first layer of transparent acrylic paint was put down as a glaze. This dried and some of the masking was moved around (or just removed) and another glaze followed. Between layers of glaze, some symbols were stamped in. After several layers of glazing, the big circle was outlined with paint mixed with gesso. I then filled in part of the circle and placed texturing materials over it.
When it dried and the texturing materials were removed it was too solid a circle. So some alcohol was lightly sprayed on parts and some paint was scrubbed off. The "mountains" in the lower part were painted in and it was left to dry.
I had planned to paint more on this, but for now I like it.