Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gallery --A new opportunity

Today I got a big surprise in my email. The web response form on my website was used by a gallery owner to ask if I would like to exhibit some work in their gallery. I did research to be sure they are legitimate and to the best of my detecting ability-they are. The gallery will open on December 9th. It is rather short notice but I think I can manage. The gallery owner particularly likes my abstract/non-representational work.
I have put together six pieces that are representative of my abstract/non-representational work as an offering. I am waiting on a response by email. I will call tomorrow to finalize some details. I am needless to say excited by this opportunity. I honestly wish that I had the time to frame a few of the pieces that I have in shrink-wrap. But for now and on short notice the already framed work is my offering.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

I met someone new - online

I had a great experience due to my art. A nice lady who happens to be an author saw one of my pieces on Flickr and left a comment. I followed up and we started emailing. Surprise, she grew up in the area I live in and went to Alabama University. She now lives in Houston, Texas. She also paints. I love finding connections with people and making friends.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Painting

For this Thanksgiving morning I decided to try a method I had read about for starting a painting. I started by choosing 3 colors. I had a friend make 3 marks on the paper. I gave him 3 brushes (two different sized rounds and a flat)and the palette with my three acrylic colors. He took each brush in turn and used a different color with each brush. He made 3 calligraphic marks. Then the fun began!

I took the piece and sat it on my easel. I normally paint acrylics on a flat table-so this was also a change to my procedure. I used the same 3 colors and a bit of carbon black (to make shades) and went to work. I allowed runs and blossoms in the paint to give it a spontaneous excitement. I don't think it is finished but so far I am really liking this piece.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Opinions? Ideas for finishing it? Your comments as always are appreciated.
Happy Thanksgiving