Friday, February 09, 2007

Paradise Road

Here is a picture of a painting I recently finished. (I use finished loosely, I may paint on it some more)
Tell me if you think it is any good...etc.
It is roughly 15"by 21" and is watercolor.
Paradise Road


~jolene said...

Oh WOW Gene!
I have visited here each day wondering when I would see a new painting...and whew, was this ever worth the wait!

I think it is beautiful. Makes me want to jump inside it and take a stroll along that path.

Just excellent!

Gene Black said...

Thanks Jolene. "The Nana" approved also, and she is my painting mentor.

~jolene said...

DUDE! Where are YOU?
Did you move to the south of France? Are you painting and living on baguettes and cheese?

Will you remember us 'little people' - the still struggling artists???

Miss YOU!

Gene Black said...

I am here...just had a busy February..more later