Monday, March 19, 2007

Vivid Landscape

Vivid Landscape
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black.
This is my latest work. I used a loose ink pouring technique for everything except the sky. The sky was painted with watercolor to achieve a softer feel in that area.


~jolene said...

For me, personally, this is my FAVORITE of all your work I have seen.

I just LOVE this!
I have no idea what loose ink pouring is..but I sure like it. :)

Beautiful my friend, just beautiful!

You are SO talented!!!!!

Gene Black said...

jolene, I poured the ink on wet paper and did not try to "control" it. I let the ink do its thing and just placed some texture materials over it and let it dry. Sometimes I end up with paper that is only good to gesso over or tear up for collage. Sometimes, it works well. As I do more of them, the results are a bit more consistent.