Friday, February 10, 2017

Hmm - Appliqué Idea

The Flying Stars seem to have been almost forgotten until yesterday when I said "Hey I could use some of the hand dyed fabric for centers.  But I was re-watching one of my Craftsy classes, Big Techniques from Small Scraps with Sarah Fielke when Abby (the muse) flicked on the lightbulb above my head.   She said "You could use this on the star blocks too."
I paused the video and got some fabric scraps to try it. I know better than to argue with a muse!
A little easy sewing and I had this:
The cutest little star (or flower) applique. 

Then I placed it on one of the star blocks and had this:
When you piece the star/flower appliqué the edges are already turned under for you.  You just have to sew it down.  A simple straight stitch around the edges will work. How cool is that ???

Now the best part of this happening now is that Craftsy is having a sale! All of their new classes are under $20!  So click HERE to go to the SALE.  But I happen to know that  Big Techniques from Small Scraps with Sarah Fielke is $19.99 right now also.

The New Class sale runs until Sunday 11:59p.m. Mountain Time.   You can go back and watch the classes months or even years later.  Seriously!  I got this class in December 2013 - that was over three years ago.  I call that continuing education.

Oh,  this was a surprise post.  I hope to have the dyed fabric in the next post.

Have a great weekend.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your star/flower applique is really cute! I'll have to check out that class to see how/why - "When you piece the star/flower appliqué the edges are already turned under for you. You just have to sew it down." Sounds like my kind of block - ;))

Barbara said...

I love the star/flower! Great popping colors, and neat that the edges are already turned under. I still would use my machine though, lol.

Rhonda said...

What an awesome idea that came to fruition. Great job Gene!!!