Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Dyeing and Sewing

At some point, the realization came to me that if I am to keep dyeing fabric, I need to use what I am dyeing.  I also have a "stash" of hand-dyed fabrics from Vicki Welsh and even a few from others who dye.  
I pulled out a selection and started cutting strips of various sizes - some cut on slight angles also.
Then I sewed for a while.  I played around with the log cabin block for a bit and made four of those.
Rules?  Nah, as long as the seam is stable it is good. 
Then I took some leftover strip pieces and made this (sorry about the photo quality -it is raining and I am inside taking the photo.)
Yesterday I had managed to do a bit of dyeing also.  I have several pieces of fabric and two skeins of weaving yarn dyed.  But the only photo is this one- because I love it best.
How did I do this?  I wish I knew. I stuffed the fabric into a container with a little dye in the bottom and then poured other colors down the sides.  But the result is pure happy luck.

We have family visiting this week so I am creating in spare time. I sewed while the laundry was going. I dyed in the early morning.  You can always squeeze in a few minutes for creativity if you really want to do it.   Go create something!
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Jeanna said...

Those fabrics and blocks are gorgeous, Gene. Your doing a great job creating in your spare time.

Rhonda said...

Great results!! Love that piece you dyed. A happy accident or planned mistake, it's wonderful.

Debbie said...

That is great fabric dyed! That was my problem---dying produced fabric, took time away from sewing. I just could not do both! You will find a balance.