Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekend Playtime

This past weekend, I went to visit  friends and fellow weavers in Georgia.  We had a day of weaving on Saturday.  It was a lovely day and we sat in the studio patio weaving in the fresh air.  I pulled the fabric off of my loom yesterday and wet finished it this morning.
What you are seeing is both ends of this piece at the bottom.  This warp had been pulled from the loom partially woven (easy to do with a Saori loom) and stored for probably a year.  I had not looked at the beginning (left side of photo) before I worked on the newer part.  I have greens near either end that are similar and play well together.  I think when you "weave your heart" that it just works out.

I love this cloth!  

Here is a photo of some of us in the patio area weaving.
I am approximately center of the photo weaving away. The two guys in the corner are working on a computer aided design program for wood working while their spouses are weaving.

The next day we dyed warps for our looms in a small class. I dyed two of mine.  As I had to bring them home wet, I hung them out in the sun today to finish drying.
We used creative resist methods to preserve the colors of the original warps in some areas.  One of my warps was dyed in a pot of purple dye and the other in a pot of red dye. The variations in color should make for a lovely weaving when it goes on the loom.   
I hope you had as much fun this past weekend as I did. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE your new cloth!! Looks like you had waaaay more fun this weekend than I did - LOL - ;))

Barbara said...

A beautiful and colorful achievement!

Joyce Carter said...

I love those colors in the new cloth! Very pretty, especially the green. But I may be a little bit biased on that part.
Where in Georgia did you visit? This is where I live. It was a beautiful day here Saturday, but rainy and cold on Sunday. Glad you had lots of fun.

Julie Fukuda said...

Looking forward to seeing where the new strands will do. I love Japanese Kasuri, where areas are left white on both weft and woof and make a pattern when woven.

Danice G said...

Such pretty cloth. 'Love the texture also. The dyeing looks wonderful. The green is my favorite.

Sarah said...

That cloth is show- stopping! Great job.

Marlene said...

I really enjoy seeing your weaving updates. Was this event at Cheryl's?

Jeanna said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I love the woven fabric you worked on.