Saturday, October 28, 2006

Painting in Layers

My week painting in the woods at the McDowell Watercolor workshops was wonderful. Marie Cummings, the instructor now lives in Treadwell, NY on the edge of the Catskill Mountains. In our class we learned to use liquid acrylic paints to paint in glazed layers to create paintings with depth and mystery. Since the class was "non-representational" the mystery is increased. Here is a picture of my first painting. If you click on the picture you will be taken to my Flickr site where you can see a larger version.

Puzzling the Past

We also learned many other techniques and ideas in this class. Now I need a few weeks off work to put them all into practice.


Sarah said...

I like it! It does look layered. Is this the one you sold to someone there?

Anonymous said...

Incredible, Gene! Keep it up!

Gene Black said...

No, this is not the one that I sold. I did NOT get a picture of that one before I sold it.

There are at least 6 layers of paint on this painting.

Cellissimo said...

Lovely painting - I love the color combinations and the little extra symbols (puzzle pieces, trees), really make it special. I can't wait to hear more about your workshop!

Gene Black said...

The trees are a stamp I hand carved. I titled the piece "Puzzling the Past"


Maggie Dragonmoon said...

I love the colors, the tones. It's very soothing without being boring.