Friday, December 03, 2021

Creating in the Kitchen

Someone asked "How do you make your own yogurt?"  Someone else asked "What is full-fat yogurt?"

Full-fat yogurt is made with whole milk -not 2% or skim.  All of the milk fat is in it - and it tastes so much better!  Here is how I make it.  The only "specialty" equipment is an instant read thermometer, a 4-Cup measuring cup, and a six pack cooler with a towel to insulate the yogurt while it ferments. 

Here is how I make my own yogurt.  
4 cups whole milk (I buy a  gallon and make four batches )
2 tablespoons plain yogurt with active cultures. (sit in small bowl on counter to come to room temp while heating and cooling the milk.) 
I put 4 c. milk in my quart pyrex measuring cup.    Heat in microwave until temp is at least 180 F but no higher than 190.  (I stir then use an instant read thermometer to check temps)  In my microwave this takes approx. 7 minutes at full power. 
Note - I remove the "skin" off the top at this point.

Stir again, let sit on counter until temp is between 110F and 120F.  118F is optimal but as long as it is in the range it will work.(timing depends on  temp of work area)   
Note - I remove the "skin" off the top again.

Take a Tbs of the warm milk and add to yogurt, stir.  Add another Tbs.  of warm milk to it and stir again (this is like tempering eggs)  I usually add at least 3 Tbs of milk to the yogurt...the idea is to slowly warm it so that the cultures aren’t “shocked” and made inactive when you do the next step.
 Pour the small bowl of yogurt/milk mixture into the pyrex cup.  Cover with plastic wrap. (Glad Press’n’Seal or a heavy duty standard plastic wrap.) This keeps anything from getting in it - and also keeps it from spilling.
Then I put this in a ‘Playmate’ six-pack sized cooler with a warmed towel to fill in the airspace. (towel in microwave for 20-30 seconds) 
Leave it in a warm place (room temp) for 8 to 16 hours.  I usually leave it overnight and pour it up the next morning. OR I make it in the morning and leave it all day.  I prefer at least 10 hours to fully develop the culture. Up to sixteen hours will not cause problems if the room is 70 degrees or higher.
You can then sweeten (or not) as desired. I usually sweeten mine when I am ready to eat it.  Stevia, monkfruit, or erythritol work well if you don't eat sugar. 
It is easier than you think and you should make more before you run out . You will need those two TBS of yogurt to make the next batch.   I haven’t bought yogurt since I started doing this.  The culture multiplies so it is as good (or better) than what you started with. 

And just so you have something pretty to see with this post - here are some photos of my various works.
Quilted Notebook Cover

Art Quilt

Watercolor painting

The quilt that is currently on my bed.

UPDATE:  I first made yogurt in the late 1980s.  I did that in a microwave that maintained the temperature using a probe.  (Honestly I am surprised that it worked!)   I didn't make it for a long time.  Then approx 20 years later  I found some full fat yogurt (it was much more expensive) but I got one and loved it. So I decided to look for an easy way to make it.  I found the "cooler insulation method" online. I bought a gallon of whole milk and a small cup of plain yogurt and tried it.  The gallon of milk was (and still is) cheaper than the quart of whole milk yogurt.  It is honestly so easy that I can't imagine buying the pre-made yogurt now. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Julierose said...

Lovely Art quilt stitchery--and stunning book cover--really nice projects.
I've never made my own yogurt--but do eat the plain full fat--as I don't like all the sweeteners in the lo-fat, fruit flavored varieties...
Hugs, Julierose

Jenn Bohner said...

Thank you for sharing this.The reason I asked this question was because I to make my own yogurt. I use my instapot it is so easy
On a side note your quilts are beautiful

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your projects are wonderful eye candy! Thanks for sharing your yogurt method - it sounds like "magic" to me - ;))

Jeanna said...

Love the quilts and art pieces, Gene. I still have the card you sent when I purchased some of your woven scarves. It's tucked away in storage.

Kathleen said...

I can imagine that it tastes so much better. I love your eye candy!