Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ah the palette knife

One of my dear friends that I normally only get to visit by email told me that she is playing with palette knife paintings. I saw that as a nice challenge. I took out an old start. Got some paint on the palette and grabbed a knife. FUN! I got paint on the painting, on me, I think maybe even on the wall. I started to listen to the painting and got a brush and some semi-opaque paints and made some quiet areas. This morning I liked it but it seemed off kilter.
I emailed it to my friend who looked it over and sent advice.

BINGO. It needed a rotate and crop. Suddenly there was this landscape that had been hiding from me.
Well you look! I call it "Blowing Off Steam"

Thanks Nanette!


~jolene said...

Well, this is my second time here viewing your latest painting.


Because I really like it ..but I was checking email before replying..and then actually found a note from you that you had a new piece up!

COLOR is always what draws me to a piece first. The colors here are ALL my favorites..so I am immediately drawn in.

The other thing that keeps my interest is the 'depth'...I feel I can step into this painting....love that.

My only complaint is that I can't touch it. I have a feeling the textures are wonderful...I love texture.

You never fail to amaze me -- I love the 'leaps' you take in your art.

Anonymous said...

I love it. And it looks to me as if it's next to a body of water and it's all reflected in it! Very pretty!