Thursday, July 20, 2006


I love when things happen that are amazing and unexplainable. Two women who are members of a web-group decided to meet. My little town is "about halfway" between them. They came to Anniston and said lets go in this gallery. One of them was attracted to some of my art. She saw the name and said "Could that be the Gene Black that is in our Try It Tuesday group?" The gallery owner told them that "yes it is" So one of them emailed me. I thought it was nice that they saw my work in the gallery and decided to email me and say hello.

Somehow, I didn't comprehend that they were in the group. It was there, in black and white right on my computer screen. But it was early morning when I read it...and well, I am not totally alert first thing in the morning.

Today I got an email from Experimental Artists of America (formerly Experimental Artists of Alabama) Two new members have joined the group. Nanette the head of EAA told me that they found out about EAA from my bio.

Guess who! Yes the same two ladies from the gallery. I re-read the first email and then replied (I had been waiting until I was fully functional anyway)

Now I have two new friends who just may (if schedules permit) go to an art workshop with me in October. I love the amazing things that happen just from getting my work out there.

Synchronicity - when two or more coincidental things happen that seem related but are not easily explained by normal cause and effect.


Tammy said...

Gene - this is too cool! Synchronicities are awesome! I see them everywhere. It is so fun when something comes together like this! :)
Happy weekend!

BellaKarma said...

That kind of hurt my head trying to figure out the dynamics of everyone ... but once I did, it was really cool. ;)

Sarah said...

well that is just cool. Isn't it fun to connect with people you never would have met otherwise?