Tuesday, November 07, 2017

More Productivity

The muse is still working even in the gloom of fall weather; even after the time change.   The muse said "make some more" - and I did.

Another fun notebook cover for sale at the Holiday Faire - if someone doesn't request it before then. FYI,  it has been gloomy all day so the photos were taken indoors and appear darker than they actually are.

This one has an embroidery design that was programmed into my machine. The piecing for the front was already done except for top and bottom strips.  I hooped it up and added the embroidery.  Then I pieced the rest of it and put it all together.

There are also two new scarves to go in my booth.  These have the same warp threads, but are woven with different weft.  They look similar, but each has its own personality.  They are woven loosely to be light and airy.
I think these would look lovely with a bright yellow ensemble OR over a tan/ecru neutral one.  Of course, either of them would look striking over a little black dress.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Boy - you're just going to town making stuff for the Holiday Faire!! I hope you sell them ALL - the notebook cover is great and the scarves are gorgeous - ;))

Sarah said...

Rhodes scarves are gorgeous! I agree that they'd look fabulous with ecru.

Debbie said...

Great projects....keep it going. You are in production mode:)

Barbara said...

I love the echo-Ing around the horse. The way these come together, as you go, is “improvisational book cover making”, a new art!

Marlene said...

I think you should wear the one on the left with your little black dress Gene. ;-) :-D

Seriously though, they are lovely. Light weight scarves are my favourite. Love the new journal cover too. I knew lots of horse crazy teens when I was growing up. I wasn't able to participate though as I have a *severe* allergy to horses.

Barb said...

Your scarves are amazing.