Friday, October 15, 2021

Another Finish

When I got to Mom's on Friday afternoon, Mom told me that she had "put a few more pieces in the puzzle"  - I said "Okay" - "You better check them." she said.   Going into the dining room I looked and the puzzle had less holes in it than the day before.  

Now, let me explain that sometimes Mom will put pieces in the wrong places because "It ought to fit there!"    

But, when I started checking, I couldn't find a single piece that seemed to be in the wrong place.  Mom told me that I had to do the rest of it.   So, I sat and started putting in the last 15-20 pieces.  I got down to 3 pieces and said "Oops!"  there was room left for four more pieces.  I placed those last three pieces in and the puzzle looked like this:

We thought that perhaps that piece had fallen to the floor.  We searched diligently but to no avail. Over an hour later Mom went in the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.   I heard her say "Look!  Here is that piece of the puzzle."  She picked it up off the floor and tried to hand it to me.  I said "Oh, no! You found it, you get to put it in."  (Of course I forgot to take another photo.) 
All we could figure is that she had somehow leaned on the pieces and one stuck to her and rode into the kitchen unobserved.  Or maybe it was an early Halloween goblin playing tricks on us.   Who knows?!?!

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Good job!! You two are quite a team!! It doesn't surprise me at all that one piece could have been carried to the kitchen unobserved - I lean over pieces and they stick to me all of the time. The next thing I know - I hear one or two hit the floor and have to pick them up - LOL - ;))

Pamela Arbour said...

Oh Gene, I think that is the best part of that puzzle! What a cute story. Nice work on the puzzle. I surely thought it would take you guys longer to do that one.

Barbara said...

It happens with a number of things Ike that, especially small things like pins from my sewing room. My Roomba would not work yesterday and I thought it had died for good, but I found a bobbin lodged where it was holding things up. It was somehow “carried” to the room where Roomba found it.

tealeafquilts said...

That looks like a fun puzzle!

Kathleen said...

That is too funny! Those pieces do have a way of "hiding" themselves. Glad it was found and finished!

Jennifer Gail said...

Funny how pieces can travel. I think making it fit works sometimes till you figure out that they don't.

Jeanna said...

Whew! I'm happy she found the missing piece. This is a nice puzzle. I was thinking of getting my mom one for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I bought a puzzle last week that says it is the smallest 1000 piece puzzle in the world. (18" x 12" approx). I haven't started it yet. Glad your mother found that piece of the puzzle. (getting caught up on blog reading). Nice strings in the next several blog posts, too.