Monday, October 18, 2021

Lots of Strips

The strips in this pile were left over from the last quilt.
The pile was on my cutting table begging to be used.
I know that some people toss out those scraps from trimming a quilt.
Most of the time, I just can't do that. I paid good money for those strips.
(except of course for the fabric that I won.)

So,  I grabbed a bunch and started sewing strip sets. 
As long as the color didn't match and the size was close
They got sewn together.  Then I trimmed the ends.
None of these are the same length. 
Does that bother me?  NOPE.
Fabric can be cut. 
Fabric can have pieces sewn on to make it longer. 

Worry is the enemy of spontaneity.  
Joyous creation can be spontaneous and free.
My muse is happy with these strip sets.

What will they become?
Who knows? 
They will become and that is what counts. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Jeanna said...

Those strips sets will look lovely in whatever they become. I do not throw anything away if I think it can be used in a future project. I have waaaaay too many scaps bags/containers and need to do something with them.

Barbara said...

Your strips are how my big quilt started. First one string block, then another, and because they are addicting, many more followed. From there they continued to “become” more than scraps. That was a few months ago and I’m still going, almost done though. It’s the freedom to create “whatever it wanted to become” that kept me going. I’ll be watching yours with interest!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

"Becoming" is what it's all about - ;))

Pamela Arbour said...

You have a real good start!

Kathleen said...

You are having fun - and I love it.

Quilting Gail said...

Love your fun scrappy approach to whatever it will become!

Jenn said...