Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Face Off

Welcome to the Friday FaceOff for this week.   I will start with a confession.  I have been sick with a mystery bug (not covid, I tested.)  When I feel badly it is difficult to create.   The spirit is willing but the body is resistant.    
Luckily I had put together this face a week or so ago and never have shown it.    My plan was to use up some almost useless scraps for as much of it as possible.  None of these pieces had fusible on the back of them.  Rather,  I layered a piece of batting under a sheet of Steam-a-Seam 2.  This fusible is sticky making it easy to work this way.  Of course I went about it the WRONG way.  I created the face first and then added the background.  That meant that when a piece touched the face, the edges had to be tucked under the edges of the face.  
There was a bit of careful lifting to be sure that the fabrics didn't fray.  

Aunt Lucille
Looking at the photo, I can see that this is not quite finished.  The eyes are lacking pupils and highlights. Ah well, that will be an easy fix as I draw in the pupils with a black sharpie and then use a spot of white paint for the highlight.  If  I felt better, I would just go add it and take a new photo. 
Hopefully I can do that and share the corrected version in a few days. 
I couldn't stand not fixing it.  So here is the face with the eyes finished. It amazes me how much that tiny bit adds a spark of life to the face. 

I am linking up with  DVArtist for the Friday FaceOff.
  Clicking the link will take you to her blog.  It is great fun
 to see how various people interpret the challenge.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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My name is Erika. said...

What a fun way to use up those scraps. And I like the face. I see someone singing. Not sure if that's what I was suppose to see, but isn't that the best thing about art, being able to see what you see? Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Tom said...

...the details make it complete.

Iris Flavia said...

You made me smile with the couldn´t stand not fixing it.
She looks great!!!
Hope you are better by now, health-wise... Happy weekend (soon).

sirkkis said...

You are a master of this kind of art. I love this wonderful lady.
You finished her to become perfect 🥰
I hope you are recoved and are well 👍

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love how you explained how you created this entry. I also like that you fixed it, too. I have used that Steam-a-Seam and it is remarkable. This is fabulous.

I have also been sick and NOT with Covid. I can empathize.

DVArtist said...

My dear friend I am sorry you are not feeling well. I am so glad it is NOT covid. You know what I am going to say, rest and drink lots of water. I will light a healing candle for you. Now.... you are so hard on yourself. I guess great artists do that. This face is FABULOUS!! Your perfectionist touch shows. I don't see anything wrong with the eyes art all and I love the heavy lids. Now go rest, that's an order. Well a gentle order. LOL

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I hope you feel better soon!!
And I agree - that tiny bit makes a big difference - ;))

Christine said...

Very nice

Vicki W said...

I think almost everyone has had or has now, the not-covid. I expect we are all catching up from secluding ourselves for 3 years. It was bound to catch up with us sooner or later. I hope you feel better soon!

Rhonda said...

Hope you are feeling better. Mr. Cowboy came home with something last week and passed it on to me. I hit it with everything I had in the medicine cabinet and we finally feel better.
Your lady block looks great. As usual, sick or not, you are a true artist!!