Saturday, December 08, 2012

Are your bobbins scattered?

Do you have bobbins with different colored threads on them laying all over your sewing table? This can be something that happens to me.  But one day last week I had an epiphany (revelation, discovery)
I used just a little thread from a leftover bobbin to sew on a piece of a Barbie dress.  To do that I didn't take the spool off the machine, but rather, I used that 'second' spool holder that my machine has. Probably some of you have machines with that feature also.

A lightbulb moment!  Hey!
I grabbed the loose bobbins (after I finished sewing of course) and put them here:

I have since removed the spool of thread from the lower spool holder so it is empty at the moment. I do use the nice cone holder on the back of my machine for lots of my piecing and quilting.
Back to the subject! See all those bobbins lined up there.  They are in my line of sight so I know what  thread I already have on bobbins. And if I need "just a bit" to sew something where only the top thread shows, I can just pull from there and do it. (okay it is a bit full, but If I take off a couple of them it works.
Many times I also have an empty bobbin sitting on the bobbin winder ready to be filled - or sometimes I have a full one there, especially when I am doing free motion quilting!

I hope you find some use in my little bobbin tips.  And I hope you have a very piece-ful and peaceful weekend.
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Jackie's Stitches said...

Very smart tip! I mainly quilt and use one of two grays for all my piecing. I do have some bobbins with other colors on them (one looks to be that very same yellow) and I never thought of using them this way.

Unknown said...

I have bobbins everywhere, even on the floor. Back in the day, I matched the thread with what I was sewing....I know better now and don't do that. lol

sew.darn.quilt said...

I've been doing this for years, using my secondary spool spindle. It's great, I don't have to go hunting PLUS if you're running more than one machine it keeps your corresponding bobbins with the right machine!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Gene...honestly...I have so much more than loose bobbins floating's just a creative mess everywhere I look...or so that's what I'm calling it :)


Rhonda said...

Excellent tip. I've used a thread holder from an old machine set up beside my machine. Hope that made sense.

Michelle said...


Beth said...

Great idea Gene. I mostly use just grey or beige for piecing. I do have some colors for applique and I always end up with bits of thread. I sure can use your idea to use up those bits. I hate to waste any thread.