Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Quilting the Plaid

Back in March of 2020 before the pandemic lockdown - doesn't that seem a lifetime ago- I started a fun little piece.  Then in March of 2021, I added some borders on it and spray basted it.   Then it sat, and sat some more.  
Today I said "Enough! It is time to get back to quilting or sewing or something!"  So, I saw this piece and said, "I need to quilt that.  It will be a nice table topper."  

Thus,  I started.  But with more people vaccinated, we are able to get out and do things again.  My Community Theatre group is starting back with the plays we had scheduled.  We were offered the parts we originally had.  I said yes.  Monday night was our first meeting.  This is as far as I got. 

At the upper edge of the photo you can see that I quilted three measly rows.  But now it is started and I will be inspired every time I walk by to just do a little more.  

In other news,  I bought a kit to build my own mountain dulcimer - a "cardboard dulcimer."  The great surprise is that it sounds really nice.  I am so impressed with it.  One day I will do  a video and  let you see and hear it. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looking forward to seeing the dulcimer. We'll be in Mountain View, Ark in October. I'll think of you each time I past either of the dulcimer shops. I like the table topper and the quilting 'so far' on it. Yipee! I know you've missed the theater. Have fun! I did a few plays (musicals) back in the day.

Jennifer Gail said...

Yay can't wait!

Jeanna said...

Love the table topper, Gene. The quilting is beginning to look really nice. Happy to hear the theatre is starting up again and you'll be participating.

Barbara said...

I have anew table that needs a topper! You are inspiring me. I look forward to the “c dulcimer”. I can’t imagine that!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your quilting looks great so far - and "three measly rows" is three more than I have quilted in a while - LOL. I'm glad your theater group is back again - it's fun to hear about the part you play. I'm looking forward to more info on your new dulcimer - ;))

Quilting Gail said...

Pretty quilting!

Kathleen said...

One row at a time, and you did three, that surely is progress. It will get done, now that you started on it...that is often the biggest hurdle for any of us.

Vicki W said...

Of course I absolutely love this quilt! I'm glad to hear that you are back with your theater group. The last of our restrictions lifted today. Wahoo! Although I admit that I've pretty much ignored them since about February.