Thursday, January 27, 2011

Convergence, Color and Creativity.

Today I got a surprise package in the mail. It wasn't that I didn't know it was coming.  I just didn't expect it today.  (I love a good mail day.)
You see Greg at  Flat Out Quilting had sent me a cryptic email asking "How many Sharpies do you have?"
(I have a lot, but I think I said 2 or 3 dozen)   I finally coaxed out of him the reason for the question.

So I opened the brown envelope that felt all cushy and full of goodness to find this:
That fabric is Oodles of Doodles by Ricky Tims.   When I saw it online (pre-release) I loved it. I still do. 

Well sir, I opened it up and laid it out flat (flat out - get it?) and proceeded to fill it up. Like this:
Oh yeah, my Sharpies are riding in style now! 

Convergence -  Here is what is really really strange about this. 
A-I had no clue what fabric Greg would use for this. 
B- I had decided to try something new to me.
C: I had ironed and laid out this fabric:
(a Ricky Tims hand dyed piece) 

D: I had laid out this book to work from 

So the idea to make a Convergence quilt with a Ricky Tims fabric just happened to converge with the arrival of my lovely Sharpie pen carrier made with Ricky Tims fabric.  
Talk about Mysterious and Magical. 

And now confession time.  I did my first convergence with the fabric shown. It doesn't pop as much as I wanted it to.  So I am thinking it will get some (big gasp here folks) applique on it to add some splash.  There was not enough differentiation of color in the parts that converged.  However, I will certainly be doing this again and of course trying some of the other things in this delightful book. I got the book for Christmas and it is a very welcome addition to my library. 

Hey, it occurs to me that Sharpie is permanent on fabric. What if I........?????. oh yeah! I think I will try it.

On a side note SewCalGal did a designer challenge today. (Jan 27,2011)  with one clue and a picture. The challenge - Name the designer. Guess who got it right?  Well I can't say but He has dimples and plays a pennywhistle and of course quilts.  (and is really good with google.  He didn't really know the answer!)


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I hope you will be sharing your Convergence quilt with us! Great way to store your sharpies - Greg knew what you needed. Isn't Google an amazing thing?

Greg said...

I'm glad you like it Gene. On an extremely cool note, your sharpies are riding in a limited edition. There are only 3 of those in existence. I have one, you have one and the 3rd, well its on its way today to its new home... And on a sad note, I'm all out of Oodles of Doodles. :(

Barb said...

You are killing me....I enjoyed this post....that many sharpies?? What a fun surprise and the colors are just wonderful.

Pat said...

I'm pretty clueless on this convergence quilting, so I'll be interested in reading more. Nice of Greg to make that carrier for your Sharpies!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Love the sharpie daughter has a sharpie fetish, she would love one of these!

I just bought the Convergence book and was so impatient to get it that I bought the e version. My first e book ever. Only I may want to wait until I get a decent machine after looking it over. I have 1/4" issues without having a 1/4" foot.

If you do applique, just do raw edge with heat n bond and a quick sew around the edges. Who wants to do all that turn under work anyway??

Unknown said...

you so funny! that's why i love you! can't wait to see your applique!

Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

I am loving your Sharpie's home!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! I have over 100 sharpies and they just sit in a plastic rubbermaid I'm going to have to get out my machine and get making a home for them so I can keep up with you!!!!!

ooglebloops said...

Going to have to look for that fabric - I love it!!!

jdqltr said...

Loved your post today.... I have made "quite a few" Convergence quilts and have taught them a for years! That books has to be an all-time best seller. I call thise quilts potato-chip quilts... you can't do just one!

I made one quilt with Ricky's hand-dyed fabric and like you, found it didn't have a lot of contrast. I think that the single fabric convergence quilts are best when there's high contrast color in the piece, and you position the color in four quadrants when possible. Mine is muddier colors than yours (some of their early work), but will make a fantastic sunset backdrop when I get around to designing the applique for it. Probably cactus and a coyote???

If you really want to see what this pattern does with color, use four solid or tone-on-tones in contrasting colors. You see the color move in the quilt. This will give you somewhat of an idea of what to expect with other fabrics, but on the other hand, of all the convergence quilts I have made and seen in class, not a one came out like I fully expected. Enjoy and fun!

PS - loved the sharpie holder too... and the fabric for it as well!

Micki said...

Anything that is Ricky Tims is great. If you have the Quilt Show, he is demoing how to make his Rhapsody quilt in two episodes. That I won't miss!

Melissa ;-) said...

Gene, you are on a roll! And now I want pics of the Convergence, please!!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I enjoy the convergence quilt a brave man to take your sharpies to a quilt top!