Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picture Post

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went on a trip south of the border. So I am going to share a few pictures in with my other ramblings.  There will be quilt related information too. I wasn't making anything while I took my break, but I did think about quilting when something caught my eye.  Thus I do have some inspiration pictures.

First however, I finished block five of the Layer Cake Quilt Along. Here it is:

One of the joys of the Yucatan is the sights that are rare in the states.  We went on a second trip to the flamingo nesting/ feeding area to see these beautiful creatures.  I love the one at the front left - just off center. 

It was such a nice time to enjoy the sun and the water.  We went to a little beach area where sometime in the past a hurricane had apparently demolished a beachfront home.  There were some kids playing in the water and on the wreckage. (Oh to have been young and able to join in the fun!) 
The guy on the wall apparently saw me. His eyes seem to look right into the camera. 

While wondering the streets, I saw this grating on a window.  What did it make me think?
Those lines and shapes would make a great overall quilting design! (see I told you I thought about quilting.)

Finally, after we got home and flew into the Huntsville, Alabama airport,  we drove toward home and saw this:

At least the snowman was smiling at us.  We saw several snowmen; some higher than six feet tall. 

There is still snow on the ground here.  I am thankful for warm quilts. 


Barb said...

Truly enjoyed your pictures..

Rhonda said...

I see you're back to piecing!!!

Sarah said...

Welcome back! I hope you brought back a few flamingos for the yard.

Unknown said...

welcome back to the land of snow....loved your pictures

Anonymous said...

I really like the layer cake pattern!
Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

I see a new quilt pattern in your future based on that grating!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your block is wonderful - love the colors.
Thank you for sharing photos of your trip - I enjoyed them.

Cindy said...

It's fun seeing where you've been, Gene. I'm enjoying the RIDE..........I should say - PHOTOS..LOL

Cyndi said...

It looks as though you had a wonderful trip. You are so right...the shape of the grating on that window would make a delightful quilt. And your block is lovely; I like the play of the solids and print together.



Micki said...

You must have loved visiting Mexico. I really enjoyed the pics and welcome back!

Pat said...

I like the new quilt pattern you envisioned, but I like the WARM WATER photos the best today!

Unknown said...

Welcome home, Gene! Thanks for the pictures. The flamingos are so beautiful!

Royce said...

Gene my dad used to say if the snow was on the ground it was waiting for more snow - I sure hope not - I'm sick of it. Glad you have such a wonderful vaca.