Friday, August 05, 2022

Friday Face Off 8/2/2022

This week was unusually busy due to circumstances beyond my control.  So, the quilted face did not get finished this week. I did make a bit of progress, but it still has a couple of days work to be done. 

Thus, I dug into the archives (aka my sketch books from years past) and found a face that I don't remember drawing.  Clearly, I did draw it, because I signed it. 
I can certainly image transforming this face into fabric at some point in the future. 
I love the way I rendered her hairstyle. It seems quilt classic and perfect for her face. 
I have no idea if I can render it as well in fabric. 

While I was browsing in the sketchbooks, I also found this drawing
of something that is now pretty much a relic.

Several years ago (after these drawings) I was in Mexico for vacation. 
I was taking "artsy" photos just for fun with my digital camera.  One thing
that kept cropping up was discarded shoes. I took photos of all of them 
although I have no idea if I kept any of those files. 
When I saw the next drawings, I remembered the 
"Lost Shoes of Mexico."

Sometimes, I was sketching in a waiting room - for example the socked foot in a slipper, above.

I think this one was drawn after looking at an ad in a women's magazine. 
But, I confess that the memory is quite vague. 

I am linking up with  DVArtist for the Friday FaceOff.
  Clicking the link will take you to her blog.  It is a great opportunity
 to see how various people interpret the challenge.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

Drawing skills developing! We knew you have them but seeing them in progress is fun. I can also see the first one in a quilted piece. Her hairstyle and face shape lend themselves perfectly.

Tom said...

...wonderful, I'm still working on drawing a straight line.

sirkkis said...

What a pyritty girl 💚 and other drawings!
Happy weekend 👍

DVArtist said...

I do the same Gene, find some art an can't remember creating it. She is lovely and good job on the hair. I love the sketch of the phone. I miss those days. I really don't like the cell at all. very nice sketches all around. Thank you for joining Friday Face Off and have a great day.

Christine said...

Wonderful drawings!

Iris Flavia said...

I would love to see the stylish lady on fabric.
And - ha! A phone in orange from my family is right here, from the 70s, though.

Rain said...

I love your drawings Gene! Especially the telephone! Yes, a blast from the past!!! ☺

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

GREAT sketches!! - I think you would have fun rendering the girl in fabric - and the phone - LOL - ;))

Carola Bartz said...

What a lovely lady - with a great hairstyle. I would love to see her in fabric.

My name is Erika. said...

Isn't it fun to go back and look through old creations like sketchbooks? What a great face. And all your other drawings are also very good Gene. Have a great weekend. hugs-Erika