Saturday, May 23, 2009

Made this Morning

Aa friend sent me a link to a website with a FREE pattern for a purse. So I went to Made By Rae's post to check it out. There is a link to the pattern on this post as well as a VERY HANDY link to a Word document with DIAGRAMS.
Now I confess that I would never have finished without the diagrams. So get that file too.

Now, confession time! Y'all know that I don't follow patterns well. So this took longer than if I had made up something. Also, I changed a couple of things. The pattern tells you to sew on the strap last. I said "nuh uhh!" and proceeded to layer it with the top and lining when I sewed them together. (it helped me to turn it also - hint hint!) She didn't mention it (or else I read right over it) but you NEED to have a free arm machine to make this easy. I didn't have a snap and wanted to FINISH so I used a velcro strip fastener.

Another "warning" - there is no pattern piece for a pocket, but it tells you when to put it in (and how) in the directions. So read ahead before you cut and plan to add the pocket. I put one in mine but I had to run back and cut it after I was on a roll sewing.

Now..what you been waiting for (right???) The PICTURES!

Purse from a pattern

Purse from a pattern

Sorry about the finger in the pic, but I couldn't get a picture of the pocket without holding it open.


Unknown said...

How cute, I love it

Barb said...

Love the purse....I think I will share it with my sewing group when I get home...thanks!!

Unknown said...

Hey Gene, it's me again. I'm going to make this. Other than linking back to her blog, is it ok if I link back to your blog as well on a future post?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I can see this (these?) selling on Etsy along with more like Nana's!

Pat said...

That turned out really nice, Gene! I love when fellow bloggers help us find new and fun things to make, don't you?

Gene Black said...

Thanks Barbara, but these can't be made to sell, due to the terms of using the free pattern.
It is okay though, I will give it away ---hmmm...I think I am getting close to 200 posts? What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love seeing different people tackle the same project (Tonya). Hers turned out funky/cool and yours is totally feminine and ladylike! I love seeing them both!

Sarah said...

It looks great! A local friend of mine made one and carries it everywhere.