Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nana Called

Tulip Purse
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While I was at lunch today, the Nana called. I had given her this purse that I made. She absolutely loved it when I gave it to her (as part of her Christmas gift.) Apparently she still loves it. She told me that she takes it everywhere with her.

Now this is a woman that has real Coach purses as well as Dooney & Burke. So I feel like I did pretty good.

She has made a request that I am going to try to honor. She asked if I have any of the batik fabric that I used as the accent at the top and as the background for the tulip. I really didn't know if I did or not. Further I didn't know how much.

Lucky me, I have almost 3/4's of a yard left. She wants a hatband that will tie into a bow and have streamers hanging down the back of this fabric, to match her purse. I am thinking just a long "scarf" neatly hemmed will work. I really don't have a clue what I am doing. She is now living in Florida and I won't get there till July. So I will "make and send"

Any suggestions? Ideas? Thoughts?

In other words "HELP!!!!"

I also have a question. Do you think my purses and jewelry would sell on Etsy.com?


Anonymous said...

What a modern Nana you have -- she wants hatband to match! Also, to prefer this over her pricey purses -- very cool! I think a long scarf, perhaps about 2" wide, would fill her order very well. Batiks are not usually very weighty, so rather than hemming, I'd try to pillowcase it. After turning right-side out, it might lay very nicely. About Etsy, the only problem with selling hand-made things is whether it's worth what one can ask for them. We spend so much time (and often agony!) as we create things that it's hard to put a price on them that feels right. I don't know if you have anything but a listing fee to lose, however, so it's worth a try. Good luck!

Pat said...

I agree with what Barbara said about etsy and other online places to sell. Your items are very nice but people are often clueless as to the reasons for the prices that are charged and refuse to pay them. How nice that Nana wants you to make her a hatband. I think what Barbara said sounds very reasonable.....as I had no idea what to tell you!!!

andsewon said...

Lovely bag and so sweet Nana loves it too! Check out this link http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/2009/05/sew-bow-tutorial.html
for how to do a bow which would work fine for her hat band, just sewing up ends instead of cutting
them. As for Etsy, nothing ventured nothing gained...;-)
Good luck!

Barb said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss I think you would do very well with a shop. Artfire store is not as expensive and doesn't take from what you sell either....but either way, I think you will do well.

Anonymous said...

I love your Nana's bag and I agree that you may not get what you feel tour items are worth, but if you just want the exposure, I'm sure you will do well.

As far as the had band, I really don't like to be disagreeable, but I wonder if a two inch wide band might be too wide. I would say that the width of the band would depend upon the width of the hat above the brim. I had a straw hat that I made a band for out of grossgrain ribbon on top and another slightly wider color underneath. At first the width of the ribbons over powered the hat so I had to change it.

Carla said...

Very sweet nana! Love your bags. I'm going back to your flickr site now to look around.

Kaye said...

Way to go Nana, I am Nana too . We do appreciate all the labors of love.As for selling if the initial setup isn't too costly go for it. I think its worth the try.

Patty Cramer said...

Just love your blog. You might try using the batik as a base for the scarf and then put strips across the scarf of different batiks. I saw a scarf made like that once. If it's for the headband - have her give you the hat and go from there. I think many small pieces flowing from the back would be cool!!
Good luck - happy quilting