Thursday, March 06, 2014

Craftsy - WIN a Class!

Yes, that is correct.  You can win a class from Craftsy.  You need to start right here on my blog. I can't give any extra entries for sending a friend over, but I hope you will. The more entries we get from this one, the better the chances that I will have this wonderful opportunity again!
You may know that I am a great lover of Craftsy classes. I have 34 classes that I am registered for.  Some of them are free classes, some were paid for - and at least one was a prize that I won.  Now I get to give you the opportunity to win.  So click the link and register.  If you don't already have a Craftsy account, create one and maybe find a free class to try out.  Enter to win a Craftsy class!
I enjoyed the free classes "Creative Quilt Backs" "Sewing Machine 911" and "Sewing Machine Feet" as well as some cooking classes - although I watched them and didn't cook. Ha ha. I truly enjoy seeing how things are done - like "The Handpainted Cake."

Below are some projects that I made after taking the classes to learn how on Craftsy.

Class- Stupendous Stitching

Class- Free Motion Fillers Volume 1

Class: Hand stitched Collage Quilts
Class- Stupendous Stitching
So go ahead, get some inspiration!   Enter to win a Craftsy class!  This giveaway will be accepting entries through Midnight Central Time on March 16th.
Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


suemac said...

Didn't you just love Stupendous Stitching. I have not had a chance to make anything yet since I have some crunch projects but I am looking forward to it. I bought some rattail the other day and can't wait to use it.

MyCretanlife said...

Hi Gene,
I have a lot of craftsy classes to, not just for sewing but knitting and crochet and a few other subjects. I really enjoy the classes, they are so informative and inspirational. Thanks for the chance.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I am currently signed up for 16 classes on Craftsy but have several on my Wishlist. I would love a chance to win a class!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Barbara said...

Oh my, I'm thinking crafty is addicting! Everyone has so many classes! Think I better stay away. Lol

Jeanna said...

Thanks Gene. I've taken some Craftsy classes but I've paid for them. Would be nice to win one...for a change.

Patricia Lessell said...

Thanks Gene I have just entered. I only have 37 classes. I love the Stupendous Stitching piece that you've done.