Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Little Stitch-out

Here is a little stitch-out of a cute bunny that I did.  I plan on using this in a baby quilt.
I haven't decided on the actual quilt piecing design, but I am playing with ideas.  More to come in the next few weeks.
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Jeanna said...

Very cute. I love that the design is digitized to look like hand-stitching. This is going to make an adorable baby quilt.

mayolson said...

How cute is your Bunny? !That certainly would be a darling center for a child's cute quilt but knowing me I would do it up for myself. Your profile states that you are Cherokee. Well my Great Grandmother my Dad's Gran was full blood Cherokee and she married a Scotsman directly from Scotland fresh off the boat and so was his Mother and Grandmother on his Mom's side.Scotland almost won out in my heritage but my Dad married a one hundred percent Italian! His Scottish Mother wasn't too pleased at the time.

Royce said...

Oh I love the bunny, he's so 40's and I love that era of quilts