Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Face Off 9/16/22

Welcome to the September 16th version of the Friday Face Off.  For today's "challenge" I have created another quilted face using both batik and hand dyed fabrics.  I love working with both of these fabrics when I am creating.  The colors are richer because they penetrate through the fabric.  Batiks are also a type of  dyed fabric rather than a printed fabric.  This means that you can use either side of the fabric (in most cases) to create as you wish. 

The background for this face is a lovely red/orange that blends into a rich yellow. 

The hair is all made of batik fabrics as are the clothing and the nose. 
I believe that all of the other fabrics are hand dyed. 
While nearly all of the quilting is done with black to achieve 
a sketched quality, the face is quilted with a green thread. 
The background is quilted with a yellow thread. 
Soon, the piece will have a black fused binding added.
Then it will be mounted on a black-edged art canvas for ease of hanging. 

I am linking up with  DVArtist for the Friday FaceOff.
  Clicking the link will take you to her blog.  It is a great opportunity
 to see how various people interpret the challenge.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Christine said...

Well done

Iris Flavia said...

This is beautiful!!!!

dmZapp said...

Your talent shines, I’ve never seen a face that is quilted and this adds to your unique ability at quilting. Hooray.

Jeanna said...

She is very fancy, Gene. This is my favorite of your faces, so far.

NatureFootstep said...

wow. I love this colorful lady :)

DVArtist said...

OHHHH she is awesome. I love everything about her. And eyelashes? You are the master. Thank you so much for joining Friday Face OFF.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I don't know how you do this ... it is simply amazing and beautiful. Do you have a shop where one could purchase one of your beauties?

Andrea @ From the Sol