Sunday, September 11, 2022

Red, Orange, and Yellow

Painting fabrics with Dy-Na-Flow paint is so much fun!  I wish I had lots of space to do this so that I could paint several in a single day.   But with limited space, I have to do one at a time.  Of course there are some "paint catcher" pieces of fabric underneath the bigger piece.  I do like to avoid any waste. 

Saturday afternoon, these are my materials: damp white cotton fabric, three paints and three foam sponge brushes, a water container and a water spray bottle, and of course my cardboard base which is shrink wrapped. And, as usual, I bring my playful spirit.  This is fun, there can be no failure, because the fabric will always be useful. 

The colors are Sun Yellow, Bright Orange, and Brilliant Red - a wonderful analogous warm color scheme.  Here is the wet painted fabric.  It will take a day or maybe two to dry fully. That is due to the humidity level today and for the next few days. (can you say "rainy?")

If this is like the previous piece, it will dry to lighter colors. I purposely put the red dots in the yellow area, but I had hoped they would spread out into less circular shapes.  Ah well, those dots may be just what I need when I am ready to use this fabric. 

If you are wondering why I used three brushes let me tell you.  I am using the paint directly from the bottles. I simply do not wish to contaminate the paint with another color. If I were putting the paint into smaller containers, I could have done this with one brush.  I would have only needed to rinse the brush after each color. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Ooooh - I'm looking forward to seeing what this becomes - ;))

Vicki W said...

I would have used three brushes too!

DVArtist said...

Ohhhh I love this fabric. My colors for sure. Just beautiful. See ya tomorrow for FFO.