Sunday, September 04, 2022

Results - Painted Fabric

Several days ago, I posted about some fabric that I had painted.  The photo at that time was of the wet fabric.  After it dried,  the color had dispersed and was too pale for my liking.  Back to the painting area, where more paint of the same blue was added.  No more of the purple was added.  There are two pieces. One of those was used as the "drip catcher/clean-up cloth" so that very little paint was wasted. 

First is the larger piece, which is 18 by 16 inches. The texture in the blue area was added at the second 
painting stage by sprinkling some ice cream salt (large crystals) over the area. 

The second piece is 17 by 12.5 inches. As it was beneath the larger piece, it also has some salt texture. 
This looks very much like a fantasy landscape to me. 

Either one or both of these pieces can be used as background for one of my 
quilted faces. Or they may both be cut up and used as pieces for quilting. 
Or....well there are a number of ways these could be used. (notebook covers, 
placemats, etc.) 

I consider this experiment highly successful. And certainly, I will play with other
color combinations or perhaps single color textured pieces. 

I love being able to just play around with supplies and find joy
in the creative process.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Lovely results!! I enjoy being able to watch you "play around with supplies and find joy
in the creative process" - ;))

Vicki W said...

Beautiful results! Both would make great backgrounds.