Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Round Three Already?

I admit I waited till the very last minute for round two of the "Stay at Home Robin" 

But I jumped right back on the horse and did round three today! So I am way early.  I guess I got in a very artsy mood and really tried something new here.
First I did the  dreaded "a" word.  I didn't do a great job of it...but I did it. I did machine "a" and used my GO! circle cutter.  The circles are fused down with MistyFuse.  Then a tight zigzag holds them down..and yes it is as wonky as the rest of the piece.  Right, it wasn't a mistake it was an artistic choice! yeah, sure. Ha ha

At the bottom with the circles is a muslin looks almost white and "not there" but it is there. 

Then on the other one, I got really artsy and tried something else new. I took a piece of ribbon, that famous zigzag stitch and couched the ribbon on.  I have never used ribbon on a quilt before, much less couched it down.  I have never couched anything on before.  I LOVE IT!!!! The couching is with a gold thread. I left the gold thread in and added a few leaves that are decorative stitches on my machine. How wild is that?  

I used the same muslin on them both. Because it was already in my hand and made a good background to play on. 
Now it is a month till round four.   Oh my....whatever will I do?  I may have to make a little art quilt to try some more fun stuff on. Who knew couching could be fun????


Pat said...

I've never done couching, either. You always know the perfect artistic touch for things!

Theodora quilts said...

Very nice and artsy I never heard of couching I thought at first you were just tierd and you wanted to sit on the couch LOL.

Tangos Treasures said...

Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these two blocks! Only you would take couching and spin it in such a way that you've made it your own. I've learned it's a great way to attach a string of beads to a beaded embroidery piece, but the stitches don't show. To make the couching stitches part of the design is only something you would do, and I love that!

Royce said...

Love your abstract quilting! Very nice. It's very freeing to not be following a pattern. I too love couching. I have a special foot that holds the yarn or what ever in the center of the foot. You should join in the Fall Block swap we have just started on Quilt With Us - Art Quilt group. The info is at the top of the discussion. Again love this design - a real freedom of expression - wonderful.

sewfunquilts said...

New fun stuff for you to do, Gene. Try the couching with invisible thread sometime.....or use different fancy stitches to do it. Look out, you'll be buying lots of different yarns, heavy threads,'s addicting too.

Plum Cox said...

They both look great - and well done for using new techniques too! Always good to learn something new and to find out whether you love it and are going to use it again straight away, or whether it's one to be filed further back in the brain for review some other time!

Nice and early for the SAH too!


Micki said...

I love couching! I made a quilt with it and it is a lot of fun!Yours is looking great!

Pat said...

Love doing different things like that. It makes quilting a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing!
Happy Quilting!