Thursday, April 02, 2015

Arrowhead Quilt Block - The Easy Way

One of the blogs I read posted about this cool pattern that is free from  The blogger that posted it was Linda from "life, quilts and a cat too" Thank You, Linda!

I was planning to do something else with different fabric when these two batiks caught my eye.   This pattern was in my "saved to try" list and used - that's right! two contrasting  fabrics.

Silly impatient guy that I am, I didn't take any process photos.  But here is the completed block.
You start with two eight inch squares and end up with a nine inch block.  There was very little trimmed so I am assuming that a lot ends up in the seam allowances.  What I love is that with very little fussing this came out almost perfect.

I will warn you that the corner pieces are mirror images and if you pick up the wrong one and sew it, you will get to use your seam ripper.  Yes, I made that mistake, so I am trying to let YOU learn from my mistake.

Now I know you are thinking "where can I get the pattern?"  Okay,  here is the link to the pattern for Anita's Arrowhead. The Anita is Anita Grossman Solomon.

Also if you want to make different sizes, here is a link to a file  that Anita posted with alternate sizes.

And here are some layouts I did in Electric Quilt

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kathyinozarks said...

I always am amazed how different layouts with the same block turn out-I am loving that last one the best-loved your color choice too on your block

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I like that block and love those batiks! Thanks for the link.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous block! May have to try it. :)

Vicki W said...

That block has a lot of potential.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Shoot! I was going to play with some more "Crumb" blocks today - but now I want to make one of these instead. And people wonder why I have so many UFOs - haha - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I just finished my block!! SO easy!! - Thanks, Anita, Linda, and Gene!! - ;))

Linda C said...

OOOOH looking very good with this block, Gene! Love the EQ layouts you have shown as well. Lois sashed hers to sort of contain them a bit and control the bias, I believe she said. I'm going to have to try this some day. Actually I have a layer cake that I got for Christmas some time ago that might make a good block. It takes 10 inch squares, right?? I see our pal alefthanded quilter tried this out too!

Barb said... many ways