Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Self confidence -or the lack thereof

This post is about creativity in some ways.  To be creative you have to be brave and sometimes fearless. And if those aren't your strong qualities, sometimes you just have to fake it.  

True Confession - I fake it a LOT!  My last post was "brave" but, honestly, I was scared to post a video of myself playing and singing.  I play and sing almost daily, but it is without an audience.  I mess up a lot, but being alone it is much easier to laugh at my mistakes.   

After posting that last post, I got a comment saying that I sing and play well. Here is my response:
Sometimes I am like the character in the song  "Mr Tanner" by Harry Chapin - "he did not know how well he sang, he only heard the flaws."  

I am slowly working to overcome that and hear the better parts of my singing.  But self-confidence is hard to come by when those voices from years ago echo in your head. (Things like: "you can't sing" etc.) 
I remember in elementary school getting a less than outstanding grade on "music appreciation."  That did some damage that I am only now starting to overcome. 
But anyway, I keep at it. (grin, I am too stubborn to stop.)

Most of us are our own worst critics. It is easy to criticize.  However, when you allow yourself to laugh at yourself, it gets better.  Also, compliments don't hurt.  I took an online voice class for a few weeks. The teacher was a country singer who had a degree in music from Miami University.  So, I trusted her abilities.  For the first lesson,  I sent in a recording of myself singing a capella as she requested. That was a standard thing for the class. I chose to sing "Danny Boy."  Honestly, I have heard the song for years and years. I didn't think it was all that hard except for the high note. 
When I got the critique she said "You sang it in 'C' and stayed on key for the entire song" (to me that was a huge compliment.) But she went on to say that the way I shifted to the higher register was excellent.  
That let me know that I can sing in front of people.   Sadly, she became very ill and passed away before I had much time in her class.  Nevertheless, I got a huge boost from that one and only critique.  And I keep working on developing range and style.  (Hint: Tell people what they did right and they will strive for future successes.) 

Meanwhile, I made the following video and decided to post it mistakes and all.  So everyone could laugh with me. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Vicki W said...

I think that creativity, when done right, is more about the process than the product. Love your video! Your laugh is infectious.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree with Vicki W - the process is where the creative juices flow. Love your video! Your laugh is infectious. - And stubborn is good - blub blub blub - ;))

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I have been a singer all my life. However as I age my voice is not what it was. I admire your courage to post your video. Your playing is wonderful, and you voice is good, too! Keep it up.

Barbara said...

So nice that you had fun with it, and I agree, it took courage! Beyond this song and you’re giggling, the thing I admire most is the auto harp playing. Our oldest son had one of those when he was young and I thought it was a very difficult instrument.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That song makes me hungry and want to dance. I'm always bad at trying to remember words to songs, even songs I've sung lots of times. It's always hard to out ourselves out there for others.