Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day-- Quilt block and Birds

We got a day off due to the snow. Yaay!!! that makes this a four day weekend for me.
So I finally took out some squares that I won from Wanda at Exuberant Color 
She was getting rid of some fabric that doesn't go with her current style.  So I decided to make a nine patch and see what I could do to change it. I have done the disappearing nine patch already.  This block is what I came up with.  I think my idea needs work, but I have some thoughts percolating on it. If I had made a second 9-patch with the colors flipped, and mixed up the pieces according to a plan, it would have made the contrasts better. As it is darks joined  darks and lights joined lights - not a good plan.  Still I like this block. So I ask you, what can I make out of this one??? it is approx 14" by 14" 

I also practiced playing my penny whistle.   Greg at Flat Out Quilting turned me on to a tune I didn't know yet.  It is "The Fields of Athenry"
With the snow arriving, the birds flocked in to the feeder. I couldn't resist sharing this picture of the cardinals.
Those old chairs are rusty, but someday, I will sand and paint them. (yeah, sure I will! and I will eliminate the national debt while I am at it.)


Tangos Treasures said...

That looks cool! You could use it as a hot pad on your table?
When your finished with your chairs could you do mine?? LOL

Pat said... could make a quilted pillow cover for a toss pillow to put on the sofa. Loved seeing your cardinals. WHOA...can't believe you got a SNOW day there!

Shar said...

When I look at your block......I can almost see a Nutcracker Soldier. Is it just me?? I'm not sure could be the cold meds....anyways, Applique some eyes, bowtie.and buttons down the front for a vest. then add some hands..tah da! Oh my I've lost it at this point haven't I..LOL Have a great weekend.

Shar :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Gene.......I agree with Tango, the first responder.....make it into a hot-pad for your table when serving breads and such!

Karin på FOX said...

Hallo Gene,
I had to google on "pennywhistle" to know what it is and found this wonderful film:

Then I remembered I heard lots of kids playing the metal kind of pennywhistle when I was in Ireland in the 70-ties. I even bought one, but never became friend with it. This youtube film made me inspired to search for a wooden flute. The tune of this man, the flutemaker, sounds very much like our swedish folk music.

I searched for The Fields of Athenry too and found one with the Dubliners. Somewhere in my boxes with old stuff I think I still have some Dubliners' records. Might look for them now.

Anonymous said...

Before I read your post, I had the same thought you did about contrasts; but that doesn't mean this block isn't nice -- I love it! So scrappy, thus my favorite. You can just finish it off with batting and backing (not even necessary to bind or quilt it, pillowcasing and tying in strategic spots would be fine) and use it for a hot pad as suggested, or depending on it's size perhaps a little table-topper.

Unknown said...

look, it's an can make sweet grandma another bag.

The Other Barb said...

I can't give you any advice since I think the blocks are pretty as is.Love the colors & the fact that it is scrappy. I'm not creative & must follow a pattern. I know, it's boring that way but :) The cardinals picture is so neat!