Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I have been making & GIVEAWAY

So what have I been making?  Well folks, I was commissioned to make a couple of Queen sized quilts.  The first one is well underway.   I am making big -- no I mean BIG blocks for this quilt.  They are slightly smaller than a fat quarter.  I have enough blocks made to make the quilt.  I will do this in a quilt as  you go manner. Here is a sampling of the blocks.
The fabric is "Sweet and Sour" from Connecting Threads. One of the fabrics (the darker looking orange) I used the back side to get a greater contrast. I am thinking this quilt will be a really wild crazy quilt.  I will be using the decorative stitches on my machine to do the quilting --AND I will be using bright colored threads to make it really pop. 

Okay, the Giveaway, Yeah I know you probably didn't read the part about my quilt, you were so excited about a giveaway. 
A few days ago, I posted this giveaway.  The response has NOT been what I wanted.  I want a  LOT of entries.  So I have decided to add two half yards of fabric to the prize package. 

This batik......I just love the pattern AND the rich warm colors  with the design in cool tones. This is a half yard.

Yeah, I know you want this!  It is the "Love those Fat Quarters" fabric that I had left from my quilt. (also it was much coveted in an earlier giveaway - I found MORE so I have this to give)  This is a half yard also.

So, I want you to blog about this giveaway.  (it is NOT a requirement to enter, but I would just appreciate it. And I think you get some good Karma for it too!)
You can link to this very post you are reading now...or to the post at
All entries must be made at the original  post.    To be entered Following Nick's blog is required.

I would love to see Nick get 50 followers.   Right now the end date is "soft" meaning....we haven't decided yet.

The picture to the left here is the other prize....Oh yes, and I am putting in some of my Art Notecards.. They have my art prints on the front.  There are some examples of my cards on THIS POST.


Unknown said...

the link for the orginial post didn't work for me........then again i'm very confused and not sure i'm entering this right......i love the sweet and sour, i've been eyeing that for awhile now....

Pat said...

Well...golly, weren't happy with those of us who commented, so now you are seeking out others (and the ones of us who DID comment will now have less chance to win.....LOL). Harumpf.......Okay....I will try to have my feeble brain remember tomorrow to put this on my sidebar. May I use the photo of the golf-ball carving there?

Elizabeth said...

Gene, your wild and crazy crazy quilt is really amazing. I hope your 'client' loves it because it is really fun! Definitely keep us posted!