Sunday, September 19, 2021

Pillow with Embroidery

With the nice stained glass embroidery pieces working out so well, I needed to make them into a project. Thus the embroidered pillow was my solution.  I had made four of the design.  For a nine-patch,  I could have used four but five seemed more pleasing to me.  Thus I sewed out the fifth one.  I have already shown the nine-patch top, but now you can see what else I did to make it "more." 

The embroidery pieces are pretty dense so there was no way I was going to quilt over them.  I decided to digitize a simple swirl flower to use as the quilting in each of the four black patches.  With the top and batting basted together (no backing,) I hooped the piece to quilt each of the four sections. 

Then I took the quilt sandwich to my Juki and stitched straight lines to help hold the other portions in place.  I think that it looks really nice.  I do wish that I had added a border to make the pillow cover a bit bigger.  To fill the pillow, I had to make my own pillow form.  That was easier than I thought.  I simply cut two squares the size of the top and sewed them with an open gap on one side for stuffing.  I used some poly-fill that is made for "soft sculpture" to fill it.  Then I sewed that open edge closed with the machine. 

I don't think using the embroidery machine to quilt the black sections saved much time, but it certainly added to the consistency of the quilting design.  It is likely that I will use this technique for other things such as table runners and other smaller quilted items. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY nice finish! The digitized quilting in the black squares is a nice touch - ;))

Vicki W said...

The flower design in the black squares made a huge difference and really brought the whole design together. It's lovely.

Pamela Arbour said...

That really took it over the top. Great job!

Jeanna said...

The pillow is beautiful, Gene. The quilted flowers are perfect for the black sections. Will be fun to see what else you create using the same idea.

Jenn said...

That turned out nice.