Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Three Versions - And Puzzle Finish

Someone mentioned that I am "having too much fun" with the embroidery digitizing.  I don't know that you can have "too much fun" as long as no one else is being hindered or hurt.  But I am having a LOT of fun with it.   I am still having a blast with the "stained glass" design.  I did a third variation, and I love them all. 

Here is number three:

I love the textures in the satin stitches.  And I love the designs in the other areas.  I changed the colors for this sew-out just for fun. Blues, lavender, pink and burgundy make a lovely color scheme. I considered using four colors of blue and making it monochromatic, but I wanted to really see any possible "oops" places.   I don't see any.....so Yay. 

Here are all three versions together:

I would love to know which is your favorite, and why. (think design, not color scheme.)  I think I know which I like best.....but maybe not. Two of the three are saved as stitch files. I accidentally overwrote one of them, but I think I can re-create it. 

Mom and I worked our brains and our fingers and finished the puzzle.  
Of course, I had left my phone at home and had to take this picture with Mom's little flip phone.  Ha ha.  We have another puzzle waiting - as soon as Mom is ready to start the next one. 

And here is an embroidery design I am working on.   I have sewn two stitch-outs but there are still some problem areas to fix.  The design is a nice one, even if it does take a while to stitch. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Pamela Arbour said...

You have really done a good job on those. Hhhhmmmmm. I'd tried to pick a favorite but failed. I almost picked the last one because I could see the heart design in the outer part but then I wasn't so sure that made it the best one. At first look, it would be the first one. See? I can't decide but I really love the horse one you have going. I like it just as it is.

Barbara said...

Number 1 for me!

Barbara said...

Sorry, wasn’t done. Number 1 just looks so much “richer”. The horse head is amazing too!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's hard to choose a favorite! The first one has wonderful texture but looks like it would use a LOT of thread. The second one has great texture - and a lovely pattern in the "flower". The third one has a "lacy" effect and "hearts". I'm a sucker for "hearts" - so I guess it's #3 for me.

The horse is AMAZING - I love how you got the "image" using so few lines!

The puzzle is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you two do next - ;))

Vicki W said...

Too much fun? Never!

Bonnie said...

Nice design. It's interesting to see the same basic design with the variation in them being the density of the stitches -- at least I am viewing it that way.I really like the first one. I'm not all that interested in hearts in designs I use. In the end I'm betting a decision as to the very favorite would be based on what I would want to use it on. You've got a great start on the horse too.