Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Puzzling Again

Tuesday afternoon Mom said "Do you want to start another puzzle?"  I had purchased a new one in mid-July.  It was there at her house "just waiting" for mom to want to do another one.   It is a Buffalo Games puzzle called Flights of Fantasy. 
It has lots of color and "things" to piece together.  It is 1000 pieces so it is enough of a challenge also.

We spent Tuesday afternoon putting the border together - except for three pieces.  Mom spent part of the time piecing some of the beaded curtain in the window. 

Wednesday afternoon, we went at it again and got the border finished.  We also kept on working.  Here is Mom trying to fit in a piece that didn't go there. Sometimes she has issues with spatial relationships. 

We use pieces of mat board from my art supplies to corral the pieces. We also have two huge ziplock food containers that we use for pieces also.  
Meanwhile, I worked on the girl and the book.  Those other pieces go around the girl except 
for the extra cups that are in the floor of the room. 

We will be plugging away at this puzzle for a while.  I may or may not start/restart one of my sewing projects in the meantime.  

Health update:  I have now lost 20.5 pounds.  I have been able to stop one blood pressure medicine AND cut my blood glucose medicine (metformin) in half.   This is a huge win for me.  I am celebrating it with a healthy but tasty dinner. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

Wow, that puzzle and your health challenges…none of them easy. Congrats and have fun!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That is a beautiful puzzle! Buffalo Games sure has some pretty ones - and 1000 pieces is a nice challenge. It should keep you two busy for a while.

Congratulations on your weight loss and change in medications - YAY you!! - ;))

Lyndsey said...

Love the puzzle, it looks a real challenge but nice and bright. We have three puzzles that I bought back in the summer. With the weather moving to Fall there will be less time to spend in the garden in an evening and we can get back to the puzzles. Huge congratulations on your weight loss. It's not easy but so worth it, especially as you have been able to cut your medication.

Pamela Arbour said...

Oh my! That puzzle looks difficult. It will be a real challenge but you two look like you have a good go on it. Congrats on losing the weight and the meds!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Great weight loss and the benefits are great, too!

Jenn said...

That's a big puzzle and it looks just like you big and bright! Good luck on your journey and yeah so far

Quilting Tangent said...

Good luck with the puzzle. Keep up the healthy eating/exercise.