Sunday, August 04, 2013

Comments -What they mean-Sewing Update

Bloggers typically set up blogs to allow comments. I allow everything except anonymous comments. Without comments we are writing into a black hole.  Book authors do this to some degree, but sales are a monetary reward for good writing. Sales for them are also a sure sign their work is getting read.

However, that is not what this is about.  Many of you know that I reply to almost every comment on my blog.  If you have written a comment and I can't reply, I generally make an effort to find an email for you.  I get frustrated when I can't say thanks for a sweet or insightful comment.

I have one regular commenter that I can't reply to (L Carolyn, this is you!)
l carolyn Ghearing has left a new comment on your post "One Word": 

i cannot do "one word"...need to use several! LOL! lovely piecing and quilting!! you are making wonderful progress!!! 
Thank you!

This morning I got the most wonderful comment from a non-quilter. Guess what? Non-Quilters are the quilter's real "audience" - they buy our work if they like it  and can afford it.
Look at this comment:
That comment does indeed mean a lot to me.  So much that it prompted this post.  Clamco - I would love to be able to email you in return for your comments.  If I had your email address, I could still reply even though you are what is known as a "no-reply blogger."
You can leave a comment disguising your email address something like this:
clamco ^ emailprovider * C  (c for com, N for net, O for org -if it is something else, you probably need to spell it out.)  The ^ for at and * for dot will confuse spammers more than AT and DOT will if the robots are smarter.  Really any symbol will work -as long as there are no other symbols, dashes etc in your email address. I just think the ^ looks like an A and the * is a fancy dot. Ha ha.

Last night, I quilted more on the quilt I am quilting.  I also sewed out a couple of embroidery designs.

The fabric used for these is salvaged khaki pants.  There were a few worn areas on the pants such as the back pocket, seat, and one knee that had to be cut away, but the rest was still great quality fabric.  So I rescued it when a friend was preparing to toss them in the bin.  I will use each of these designs on a notebook cover.  These are smaller designs that fit in a 4" by 4" hoop so they are perfect for it.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated. Foolishly posted "hate speech" comments will be swiftly removed.


Pat said...

Lately I have been getting some spammed comments...even though I have that (stupid) thing on my blog where you need to type the "capcha" code (or whatever it's called). I wish I could figure out a way to get rid of the spammers. :(

We are: Clamco said...

Gene, I'm new to Al and I was looking for fellow area bloggers when I found your blog and started following. Whenever a photo from a new post comes up in my reader with one of your creations, I'm amazed! Have you ever participated in the Fairhope Arts festival? If not, you should!

Barb said...

I love the fact that you made good use of something old, will make great covers.

Dot Moore said...

What a clever idea to recycle slacks for book covers and I especially like the embroidery designs. Once again, good work, Gene

Petit Design Co. said...

i wholeheartedly agree! nothing is more frustrating than writing out a long response and clicking 'send' only to realize you just emailed the 'no reply blogger'

Unknown said...

I totally agree with your post. I too love a short comment from anyone that I can reply to. Look at me! I had so much trouble getting onto Bloglovin, and there you were, saying you saw me there. I wish my other followers had helped me out....
I know that sometimes we read a blog and do not take time to make even one short comment....lazy I suppose. Anyway, thanks to you, I am now confident that I can once again post. You took the time to even offer to help me. Here I am Gene!

Elaine said...

Journal covers will be lovely-really like the designs. I have 2 faithful followers that have really become friends over the last year. One doesn't quilt and the other is an amazing quilter here in Cali. I so appreciate them!

We are: Clamco said...

Oops forgot the 3. It's clamco3^gmail*com. Sorry!

Unknown said...

up-cycle or re-cycle is what it is all about sometimes....nice job Gene.

suemac said...

We are both fans of Wanda so I thought I would finally come over and say hi.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Gorgeous work and great save on the fabric. They will work into beautiful notebook covers.
I used to run into the same trouble of not being able to reply to comments. No matter how much I pleaded, some people just never take the hint or want to make the effort to allow responses.

Barbara said...

I read the comment you quoted when it was posted, and my reaction was one of wondering how could a comment coming from a non quilter not mean much?! That is the toughest audience! I hope Clamco gets back to you, or at least reads how much the comment meant to you. I would be very flattered if that was a comment on my work!
PS...very resourceful khaki recycling!

Barbara said...

Oooo...just read up and see that Clamco, aka, Lorraine, did post again. Yay, perhaps a new friend!

Beth said...

Gene, I agree, the comments, encouragement, even suggestions mean so much to me too.
I love those embroidery motifs. How cool you are recycling good fabric!

Holee said...

Well now I am shamed. I never reply to comments. I rarely comment because I don't want someone to think they have to reply...I guess this comes from my childhood where you were seen but not heard. I always hear my foster Mom saying, "Never be an exhibitionist". Guess I'll have to change my blogging attitude!

Gene, I've lost a son and am always looking for the perfect way to keep his photo's and photo's of the organ donor quilt. These Angel covers will be durable and last for many years...perfect for a long time keepsake. I'll be looking for used slacks now! Thank You for sharing.