Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Panel 2 Quilting Started

Honestly,  I didn't think I would like quilting on my embroidery machine.  It did take some adjusting and adapting for it to work well.  I was glad that years ago I bought the "Snap Hoop" -a magnetic hoop that fits my machine.  It is a 5" by 7" hoop so that is as large an area as I can quilt at once.  My machine will use a 7" by 12" hoop, but all I have is the standard hoop for it.  I just checked the price for the larger one and found that the price has jumped significantly since I got the 5 by 7 hoop.  

Regardless, I have started quilting the second panel.  I hope to get a good photo of the first panel (all quilted) to show you soon.  Meanwhile,  I started the second panel using designs that I purchased several years ago.   

The first design, I brought into my software and added some to it.  

Can you guess what I added?  

I thought that the center was a bit too open, so I added the four-pointed star in the center of the design. 

Right in the next row, I added another design that I "stretched" in the software to fit better.  It was already a "border design" so I made it longer so that three stitchings fit across the panel.  Here is one stitching section. 

Between my designs, the purchased designs and my free-motion quilting,  this quilt will have lots of texture from the quilting.  And with the hand-dyed fabrics in it, there will be color and design to entertain the eyes.  

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

Wow, really beautiful!

Jeanna said...

It is looking really nice, Gene. Do you use any special batting for the quilting on the embroidery machine? Or, do you sandwich it as you normally would?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You sure ARE having fun - keep going!! - ;))